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Like Fantastic Mr Fox, Danny, the Champion of the World was partially inspired by the Buckinghamshire countryside where Roald Dahl lived. Danny the Champion of the World. 1. The Filling- . My father was not what you would call an educated man and I doubt if he had read twenty books in his life. Leila, Wix Wordsmiths: 'I loved this book, I loved it, I loved it, I loved it'.

Clipstone, the vicar's wife, delivers the sleeping pheasants in a specially-built oversized baby carriage; but the narcotic effect ceases, and many of the pheasants attempt to escape. Still drugged, they all perch around the filling station, just as Mr. Hazell himself arrives.

With the help of Sgt. Enoch Samways, the local constable, William and Danny herd the groggy pheasants onto Mr. Hazell's Rolls Royce; but when they have woken up completely, the birds escape, and Mr.

Hazell drives off in disgrace.

Samways, of whom most acquire two pheasants each of which has died of a drug overdose. William and Danny then walk towards town, intending to download a new oven to cook their pheasants. Victor Hazell - The main antagonist of the book.

Described as a snobby, rich pheasant owner. Mr Snoddy - The schools headmaster, he has a red nose and is always drinking 'water'. However William believes he is actually drinking vodka and having fun with girls.

Danny the Champion of the World Press Reviews

Samways A policeman who always leaves off H's at the beginning of words they belong to and adds H's where there shouldn't be. A film version starring Jeremy Irons and his son Samuel Irons was released in Danny the Champion of the World is a fantastic read, centred round a little boy, Danny, who lives with his father in a gypsy caravan. The close bond between father and son develops as Danny begins to discover there is more to his already wonderful and enchanting father than he ever knew.

The story navigates through various different happenings in the life of Danny and his father from meeting the BFG, lighting hot air balloons and creating kites.

Hazell's pheasants before Hazell's shooting party. Who will win this battle of wits? Reader Enjoyment Factors: Readers who like Roald Dahl will enjoy this tale of a father and son making their way in the world.

Young Reader Reaction Roald Dahl's unique sense of writing makes his books a joy to read, moving with a quick pace as well as an innocent, childish humor.

He gives Danny a somewhat realistic aspect to relate to as well as a clearly fictional aspect I mean really what nine-year-old can drive a car? I recommend this book for all young boys, a thoroughly enjoyable book through and through.

Parent Reaction I think you have to be a Dahl fan to truly appreciate the story. There are life lessons, but I'm not sure I like the idea of a dad demonstrating the destruction and theft of someone's property.

Type of Book: This is realistic fiction for upper elementary and middle grade readers; and young listeners. Educational Themes: There are many lessons to be drawn, and plenty to discuss.What did you think about the book? Life is happy and peaceful in their gipsy caravan, until one day Danny discovers his dad has been breaking the law.

I vaguely remember my father reading me this story when I was young, which helped fuel my desire to try it again for myself. The humour is spread across the pages of the book.

It is written for children, and has humour and a lightness of spirit to it, but it is also more serious. Harry Potter. Victor Hazell again.

See all 17 questions about Danny the Champion of the World…. Victor Hazell's pheasants, and when the dad left Danny alone.

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