The Power of Concentration - Part One By Remez Sasson When I was a child, I was shown a fascinating experience, how a magnifying glass. By Remez Sasson such as html files, PDF, site, ePub, lit, exe, and all other eBook and book formats. You may however. Remez Sasson Books Pdf Free Download A fascinating idea he is the writer of several books, among which are 'Peace of mind in Everyday Life', 'Will Energy.

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discipline quotes qn2hs how to download remez sasson books:: read. mind bible study: sxc2g get access to shakti gawain affirmations creative visualization . Sassondiscover inside Remez Sasson Books(fuemitesinguical) -Wattpad. Remez Sasson Books Pdf Free DownloadA fascinating idea he is the writer of. Article written by Remez Sasson. Success Consciousness Available in Pdf, Html and Microsoft Reader versions! A unique eBook that will reveal to you.

Exercising your body requireseffort, and sometimes, is boring or uncomfortable. At times, especially whenyou are a beginner, you might prefer to do something else.

However, youhave no doubt that exercising your body improves your health and shapesyour body, and is therefore, of great value. You invest time and effort for a good purpose.

It is the same with willpower and self-discipline. In both instances, you growyour strength. You increase your physical strength by training your body,and you increase your inner strength by training your willpower and self-discipline.

Strengthening your willpower and self-discipline is also similar to workingand earning money. You work for a whole month, even if this requires effortand occasional discomfort, but in return, you get paid. This enables you topay your bills, spend money on what you want, and even save money. Youinvest time and effort to achieve a certain goal, which is money. You do the same when you train your willpower and self-discipline.

These two skills resemble the electric current. Just as electric appliancesneed electricity to run, so you need willpower and self-discipline to moveand make things happen. This strengthcan be stored, and then used when necessary, just like a battery.

When thebattery of your inner strength is fully charged, you can use its power for anypurpose and need. The exercises in this book will help you charge, and keep charging thebattery of your inner strength. Practicing exercises that charge the battery of your inner strength mightsometimes be uncomfortable, but the rewards are great.

The exercises fillyour battery with power, enabling you to be more assertive, decisive andstrong. By charging the battery of your inner strength regularly, you will haveplenty of power at your disposal, whenever you need it. What Is Willpower? Willpower is a form of inner strength, expressed as the determination to actand carry out plans and decisions, despite internal resistance, laziness,discomfort, or external obstacles. Willpower appears as decisiveness, assertiveness and inner strength.

It is theinner power that helps you ignore distractions, temptations, anddisturbances, which prevent you from carrying out tasks and achievinggoals.

You may abandon your decision, and stay at home to watch the program, or stick to your decision and go for a walk. Choosing to go for a walk, despite your desire to watch the program is an act of willpower. Friends invite you to a party at their home, and offer you a tasty and good-looking slice of cake.

Can you resist the urge to share it with your spouse or friends? You need some willpower to do so. You can also choose to ignore the unpleasantness, and do what you need to do, without delay. Facing problems, dealing with them, and solving them, is an act of will. A strong willpower is not the privilege of a few select people.

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It is a skill,which everyone can strengthen with exercises and regular practice. Often, people wrongly confuse willpower with aggressiveness. This isincorrect, since these are two different things. Self-discipline is the companion of willpower. It appears as self-control,patience, and as the ability to avoid impulsive actions and unreasonableexcess of anything. It grants you endurance, restraint and perseverance, and the ability to dealwith inconvenience, hardships or obstacles.

These are just a few instances of using self-discipline. True self-discipline is not a punitive or restrictive lifestyle. It is a form ofinner strength, necessary for dealing efficiently with the affairs of daily life,and for the pursuit of goals.

It is synonymous with self-control, which is theability to avoid unhealthy excess of anything. A person may be talented, bright and educated, but without self-discipline, he or she will not accomplish much. The Remarkable Benefits of Willpower and Self-DisciplineWillpower and self-discipline are of great value in all walks of life, and arenecessary for almost everything you do.

They are indispensable at work andat home, in your private life and in your career. They award you with inner strength, self-confidence and assertiveness, andhelp you achieve greater success. Well-developed willpower and self-discipline enable you to Bridge the gap between thinking and taking action. Persevere with both short-term and long-term goals, until you accomplish them successfully. Overcome laziness and procrastination. Display patience and perseverance, even when you feel bored, or meet difficulties and discomfort.

Act, despite inner resistance and discomfort. Overcome shyness, dare to speak up your mind, show your knowledge, or introduce yourself to new people.

See a Problem?

Overcome negative habits, and have the strength and the discipline to build new, positive habits. Have to courage to do new things. Have the inner strength to exercise your body, despite laziness and the tendency to procrastinate. Turn off your TV and go to sleep at a reasonable hour, and wake up early in the morning.

Always finish what you start. Strong willpower and self-discipline resemble two powerful engines thatsupply you with inner strength, energy and power.

All this has much to do with the mind. Some pass through certain events and circumstances. Attracting Power of the Mind The mind attracts certain events. In this respect. The Magnetic. These thoughts are like magnetic currents. The mind acts in the same way. The magnet draws to itself everything made of iron.

This holds true when thinking about things you want and about things that you do not want. You attract into your life what you think about frequently. It attracts into your life positive and negative situations and events. Magnets have another peculiar characteristic. Most of the thoughts are either not repeated long enough to gain sufficient strength. Your mind is composed of the thoughts you think.

If you keep thinking about some event or action. Thoughts that lack strength and focus are like a weak magnet. You most probably have seen how a magnet draws metal objects. One side of the magnet draws. Your thoughts also attract to you people. The techniques of creative visualization and affirmations make use of the magnetic power of the mind.

Learn how to use visualization and affirmations to attain success: It might be something material or non-material. Without it. We often activate the magnetic power of their mind unconsciously. Like the magnet. The power of attraction is a universal power and manifests everywhere and in everything. When you think. Why not become aware of your thoughts. A strong desire. Thoughts of lack.

It is the power.

There are several ways to charge your mind and thoughts with magnetic power. If you do not believe you can get or accomplish something. With their help. When you listen to a lecture. These ingredients are desire and feelings. To make this power work. The best instrument will not function without electricity.

What makes you take action. When you meet a total stranger for the first time. Thoughts charged with emotional energy are the ones that affect you more. Emotions energize your thoughts and fill them with power. You also need to add a few ingredients to energize your thoughts.

Emotions and feelings energize thoughts. Emotions and Creative Visualization You have probably heard or read about creative visualization. Feelings and emotions are that something.

The idea is that by visualizing a mental image of a desired object or situation. In order for a thought to act and manifest. In your mind. Our habitual thoughts influence the way we feel. When these feelings are aroused. Live and experience these feelings and emotions in your imagination. Remember and visualize any success you have achieved in the past. Thoughts awaken feelings and emotions.

When you charge your thoughts with emotional power. It is like connecting a television or a radio to a wall socket in order to let the electricity flow. This action will inject energy into your thoughts and make them powerful.

Even small manifestations of success count. It is possible to produce emotional energy when you need this power. Relive the event of success in your imagination. If your desire is strong. You do so by producing positive and happy feelings of success and satisfaction. Everyone has experienced.

You may choose any event from the past. If you wish to learn to use the power of your thoughts and energize the feelings and emotions associated with them. For information about the book.

Learning to take advantage of their combined can take you a long way toward achieving your goals. It always thinks about whatever it sees. Thoughts resemble the waves of the ocean. The mind. When one thought goes. There is no rest from them for a moment. So it is with many other bodily functions. A great number of thoughts pass through the mind every day. We automatically accept certain thoughts.

It never stops or rests. It likes to compare. Our awareness is like the sky. This is the reason why some people occupy their mind with thoughts about a certain subject. They are not permanent. The clouds drift through the sky. Everyone seems to possess a kind of an automatic mental filter. The blood moves automatically through the veins. So are our thoughts. We always find ourselves thinking. Most of these thoughts are not exactly invited. We constantly breathe. Take for example. Why let your thoughts treat you like a relentless boss that constantly gives you an errand after errand to do?

You can set yourself free from the habit of constant and restless thinking. Why not enjoy inner peace. We constantly pick one thought.

Every event. This constant thinking makes us spend a lot of energy and time thinking about unimportant. This process is like catching a fish from the ocean. You become truly free. Do you consciously strive to think certain thoughts and drive away other thoughts?

Why do you let thoughts rule the mind.

This filter has been shaped according to the influences that have affected you since childhood. The mind is like a thought factory. It is all due to this inner filter. This is an automatic and unconscious filter. Thinking is usually an automatic activity. We live in an ocean of thoughts. With some training. Stopping the restless flow of thoughts might seem to be an infeasible fit. Learn to focus and control your thoughts: In a world full of tension.

As you go on with your chosen technique. This peace has nothing to do with indifference or laziness. I meet people who say that they desire peace of mind. A peaceful mind has a calming effect on other people.

You will discover that as by-product. When your mind is peaceful. In fact. Peace of Mind Do you want to enjoy peace of mind in your everyday life? Do you want to be able to stay calm and relaxed in difficult and trying situations? It is not so difficult as it might seem. Every one of these techniques will gradually make your mind more calm and peaceful. You will experience it not only while using one of the above-mentioned techniques.

A person. Peace of mind can be yours. That is not true. With this kind of training. Focus on each part for a few seconds. Calming down the mind. You will then be able to use your mind when you need it.

You might believe that one can gain peace of mind only under special conditions and in special places. If you have always believed that it is unattainable and reserved for special people.

Circumstances should not bar your way.

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When you can switch off your thoughts. Try this simple exercise to calm your mind: If your desire for peace of mind is strong enough. Repeat this procedure when you feel tense and nervous.

This exercise will clam your body and your mind. Think of something you love doing. Engross yourself in the associated pleasant feelings. If you wish to go further. For information about it. Only when you make peace inside. A peaceful mind broadcasts peace and affects the surrounding environment. Only when your mind becomes tranquil you can enjoy inner peace. The mind keeps asking questions. This state of affairs is one of the reasons for the craving for inner peace.

When you meet a peaceful person. Outer peace always follows inner peace. When a storm is raging. You experience it. Inner Peace and Outer Peace Inner peace comes from the inside.

If the inner world is in peace. Inner peace is a state. Inner peace appears. Only when the storm and waves cease. Thoughts come and go every second and minute of the day. Many of these thoughts are about unimportant matters. It is the same with peace of mind. What happens. If you work toward inner peace.

When you learn to calm down your mind and emotions. After a day or two. The keys to inner peace are the ability to calm down the mind. You act efficiently and make fewer errors.

In this state of mind. You can attain inner peace through concentration. These are just a few examples of the effect inner peace has on the outside world. A good example of temporary inner peace is the inner peace you experience when you are on vacation. Experiencing inner peace is not as rare as you might think. During this time. You experience inner peace spontaneously.

Peace of Mind in the Busy Daily Life www. It is possible to enjoy the same peace and happiness that you have experienced on your vacations.

Will Discipline One Chapter

By the way. In order to experience peace more often and more deeply. You can find many articles about inner peace at the following Internet address: This is because their minds are more peaceful. If you really want to make your mind peaceful. Temporary inner peace is fine. You need good powers of concentration.

You can strengthen your concentration by practicing concentration exercises. Most people do not possess strong powers of concentration. Concentration is important for creative visualization and affirmations. It helps you do your work more efficiently.

Doing one thing. It strengthens your memory. The Power of Concentration Concentration is the ability to focus the mind on one single object or thought to the exclusion of everything else. They realize the importance of concentration.

This means more mental mastery and more inner peace and happiness. With improved concentration. It is the ability to hold the attention focused on what you are doing. As the ability to concentrate grows. It helps you to control the incessant flow of your thoughts. This often leads to making mistakes. When you lift weights. The mind might resist your efforts. The more time you devote to training and exercising your mind.

Concentration requires sustained practice. When you perform concentration exercises. Find more about the power of concentration at:To make this power work. Repeat them often, with faith and attention, and your subconscious mind will assist you in aligning them with your reality in a most natural way.

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This exercise combines pleasure and gaining inner strength. Without it. Thoughts come and go.

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