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21 Tháng Mười Hai nh t c a Nguy n Vi t H l m t th m ng x h i ri ng c a anh, th nh ph n, t m n h ng ng y truy n th ng nghi n n i v s bi n m t c a c t c ch H N i.T p v n hay. 1 Tháng Năm Best site ePUB or Print r v Trong nh ng truy n ng n c a ng ng i ta th m th em n cho ng i c s tho t ly trong s qu n, tr i l i v n ch ng l m t th kh gi i thanh cao . gi n, ta hi u c h nh ng v t m c a m nh c th g y h u qu nguy h i n d ng n o. 7 Tháng Giêng PDF Epub T H C M T Nhu C U Th I I By Nguy N Hi N L Lseu H I M I Tr Ng Thanh Gi M T C N D Ch U Ch V O M A M A Th C C Kh V C Ng, Nh T L Nh Truy N Trinh Th M C A Conan Doyle N Nh Ng S Ch V Ph T H C, Th Ng.

With only a few months remaining, I had to do something or I knew I would never make it. So I started training the only way I could in my head. A pentathlon consists of five track and field events: I obtained films of the world-record holders in all five of my events and watched the films over and over.

Sometimes, I watched them in slow motion or frame by frame.

Sóng ở đáy sông

When I got bored, I watched them backwards, just for fun. I watched for hundreds of hours, studying and absorbing.

Other times, I lay on the couch and visualized the experience of competing in minute detail. I know some people thought I was crazy, but I wasnt ready to give up yet. I trained as hard as I could without ever moving a muscle. Finally, the doctors diagnosed my problem as a bulging disc. Now I knew why I was in agony when I moved, but I still couldnt train. Later, when I could walk a little, I went to the track and had them set up all five of my events.

Even though I couldnt practice, I would stand on the track and envision in my mind the complete physical training routine I would have gone through that day if I had been able. For months, I repeatedly imagined myself competing and qualifying at the trials.

But was visualizing enough? Was it truly possible that I could place in the top three at the Olympic trials? I believed it with all my heart. By the time the trials actually rolled around, I had healed just enough to compete. Being very careful to keep my muscles and tendons warm, I moved through my five events as if in a dream. Afterwards, as I walked across the field, I heard a voice on the loudspeaker announcing my name.

It took my breath away, even though I had imagined it a thousand times in my mind. I felt a wave of pure joy wash over me as the announcer said, Second place, Olympic Pentathlon: Marilyn King.

TTO - n gi tp luyn ri, ti gi ln. Bn tr ci rc rch ri xp hng thng tp trc nhng tm thm xanh. Megan l nhng bc chn nng n v lng lng ng vo pha cui hng. C b mi ch tm tui, bng tui ti khi ti mi bt u lm quen vi cc bi tp nho ln. Ti cho c lp khi ng bng bi tp un ngi, nho ln nhiu vng lin tc v gi thng bng trn hai tay. Ti ly mt c chn Megan khi c b ln ngi chng hai tay xung t. Trong khi kim tra thng bng c th ca Megan, ti lun nhc c b phi thng chn, c gng thng ngi vi sn nh v ch thu cm vo.

Khi c b mt thng bng, ti tip tc hng dn v chng ti bt u lm li mt ln na. Mt ln trc khi bt u gi hc, b ca Megan mun ni chuyn vi ti. Khi ng ni ra nhng iu ny, ti c th nhn thy nt mt au kh ca ng. Megan lm li nhn xung t nh th c b ch mun tan bin i khi th gii ny. Ti ngh ng ang quyt nh sai lm, ti ni. Hun luyn vin Igor ca ti, tng ni: C nhng em rt c khiu, nhng cng c em ging trng hp Christine.

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Mi khi nhn Megan ti li thy hnh nh ca chnh mnh. C b tp luyn rt chm ch. Ti t nim tin vo Megan. Khi ti ni nhng iu , Megan ngc nhn ti.

Tumbling time! I called out. My group of giggling children lined up before the sea of blue mats. Megan trailed behind and stepped quietly into the back of the line. She was eight years old, the same age I was when I began sports acrobatics. I started the class with forward and backward rolls, cart wheels and handstand forward rolls. The children had mastered this series months ago. Two girls and a boy had even achieved back handsprings on their own.

But Megan was still working on handstand forward rolls. It simply took her a little longer to learn the tumbling moves. I caught her ankles as she kicked into a handstand. While checking her body alignment, I reminded her to straighten her legs, to push against the floor and to tuck in her chin. When she lost her. Each time she stood up I made a special effort to find something to compliment. What beautiful pointed toes you have, or Your legs were much straighter than last time, or That was the strongest handstand Ive seen you do yet.

One day before class, Megans father asked to talk to me. By his somber expression I didnt know what to expect. His arm draped protectively over Megans shoulders, he said, She isnt catching on like the other kids are.

I dont want her to hold them back.

I could see his pained expression as he said this. Megans eyes were downcast as if she wanted to disappear.

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I think youre making a mistake, I said. Megan needs this class, possibly more than the other children need it. I didnt start out as a seven-time national champion. I started out as an eight-year-old girl, just like Megan. She just works hard. When I look at Megan I see myself.

She works hard. Sir, your daughter may never win a competition. She may never even compete, but I promise you that if she keeps trying and believing in herself, her self-esteem will be more important than any gold medal ever won.

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I believe in Megan. I believe that she can accomplish anything she sets out to do, in her own time.

Gió Đầu Mùa

As I said these words Megan looked up at me. Her eyes were filled with tears, and she was smiling like a bud flowering into bloom. Her father hugged me and whispered, Thank you. Thank you so much. He turned to Megan and said, Honey, go and put on your leotard. Its time for your class. Megan eventually did learn handstand forward rolls as well as many other skills in her own time. More importantly, she never again stood at the back of the line. From that day forward, whenever I asked the children to line up for tumbling, Megan ran to stand in the front.

Anh cng s khng gi c th lc, cn bng quang ca anh c th khng kim sot c. Nhng li nh g o nc lnh di vo v chng ti. Ti trm nhn Tracy, v ti bt u tht tht. Ti qung tay qua an i ngi bn i thn thit ca mnh. Ti lm trong ngnh xy dng cng vi b ti, ngi s hu cng ty. Nhng ti rt yu thch cng vic ca mnh.

Ti ngi trn bng gh ca nh th, cm th trn ngp trong lng nhng k nim tui th. Ti nhm nghin mt v lo lng cu nguyn. Ti ng dy ra v, trong lng hy vng nhng li nguyn cu ca mnh s c p li. Ti bt u ch n king c bit v tp nhng bi tp dnh ring cho cc bnh nhn a x cng, v ti tuyt i tun theo ch. Cng c nhiu ngy tri qua mt c ch u m. Ti thy mnh tht may mn. Dn dn, bnh tt ca ti hi phc r rng. Th thch xut hin di hnh thc rn luyn thn th. Ti sing nng luyn tp 6 ngy trong tun vi mt hun luyn vin. Anh ta hng dn ti theo nhiu cch thc c t khc nhau.

Mc tiu ca ti l ra tranh gii trong mt cuc thi th hnh. Ti nhn ra mnh ang ng trc mt khn phng cht kn ngi xem. Trong khi ch ban gim kho tnh im, ti trng thy gia nh mnh cng bn b ang ngi hng gh th t. Khi c c gi m kho thng bo ti xp th su, lng ti tro dng nim hnh din ln th th i. Jason, cha rt t ho v con. Vi cha, con l nht. Ri cha nhn thng vo mt ti: Chng qu gi hn nhiu so vi nhng g chng ti hng tng tng.

You have the MRI of someone in a wheelchair, Jason, said the doctor, in a voice his profession reserves for severe illness. Eventually, you may lose your eyesight, even your bladder control.

The words hit my wife and I squarely. I was twenty-seven and had multiple sclerosis. I wanted to come to grips with this news, but right now all I could think of was ending this office visit. This doctor offered no hope and he was scaring my wife and me in the process.

I stole a glance at Tracy, who began to cry softly. I reached over to comfort her, my soul mate. We mumbled hurried goodbyes and left. I was in the construction business along with my dad, who owned the company.

We raised buildings from the ground up and it was hard, demanding labor filled with long hours. But I loved it. I had walked the slender steel beams since the tender age of fourteen and probably felt more at home on a construction site than anywhere else.

My dad taught me the ropes. After I dropped Tracy off at home, I mentioned that I had to stop by the office for something. But actually, I wanted to pay a visit to a place that I had known for a very long time. My eyes were squeezed shut as I anxiously prayed. Dear Lord, I said. Im not afraid for myself, but I am afraid that I will let my wife and family down they count on me for so much.

Musai list ebook ngon

Please, please help me beat this, I whispered. I got up, left the church and hoped that my prayers would be answered. If ever there was a time to keep my faith up, it was now. A few weeks later, the local paper featured an article in the sports section on a man named Pat.

It was like a little miracle had come my way.

Pat was a coach at the state college, and had conquered MS with the help of a strict diet. At last I had found an ally, someone with the same symptoms, and likely the same doubts and fears. Pat and I met and talked for hours about food supplements, vitamins and working out. But these eight words echoed in my brain: You can do it, Jason. Never give up. I started a special diet and workout regime designed for MS patients, and stuck faithfully to it.

There were plenty of dark days, too. Days when I had to ask Tracy to help me finish dressing. Through all of this, she was spectacular, giving me the love and support I needed. I felt so blessed. Gradually, my recovery took shape. In time, the words of the doctor seemed far away.

The challenge came in the form of natural bodybuilding. I had played football in high school and college, and I was certainly no stranger to the weight room. I began working out diligently with a trainer six days a week.

He put me through different weight routines. My goal was to compete in a bodybuilding contest. A few months later, all the hours of sweat and training brought me to a competition that included one three-minute routine. I found myself in front of an auditorium filled with people. I completed my routine flexing, stretching, showing off the body I had fought so hard to achieve and walked off. As I waited for the judges to tally my score, I spotted my family and friends in the fourth row. When the judges announced that I had placed sixth, I felt a rush of pride and relief.

As I took a bow, I stole a quick glance at my family, who were all standing up and clapping and cheering as hard as they could. Before we left to celebrate at a nearby restaurant, my dad came over and put both his hands on my shoulders.

Jason, Im so proud of you. As far as Im concerned, you are number one! He looked me right in the eyes. We build foundations in our business, but let me tell you, the real foundations in life are family.

I hugged my dad tightly then, and as I did, I saw Tracy give me the thumbs-up sign and dazzle me with a smile as big as all outdoors. Today, Tracy and I are the proud parents of two little girls. They are more precious than we could have ever imagined.

And every day I remember my fathers words:. TTO - iu kin sinh sng ti London vo th k 19 khin cho cu b 10 tui tht khn kh. Trong khi cha cu b ang tiu ty dn trong ngc t v n nn th ngy qua ngy, cu b cng phi i mt vi nhng i kht ang co cu bao t ca mnh.

D ch hc n lp bn, nhng cu b vn rt tin vo kh nng vit lch ca mnh. Nineteenth-century life had dealt the ten-year-old London lad a bad hand.

While his father languished in debtors jail, painful pangs of hunger gnawed at his stomach. To feed himself, the boy took a job pasting labels on blacking bottles in a grim,. He slept in a dismal attic room with two other street urchins, while secretly dreaming of becoming a writer. With only four years of schooling, he had little confidence in his ability. To avoid the jeering laughter, he sneaked out in the dead of night to mail his first manuscript.

Story after story was refused, until finally one was accepted. He wasnt paid for it, but still, one editor had praised his work. The recognition he received through the printing of that one story changed his life.

If it hadnt been for the encouragement of that one editor, he might have spent his entire working life in a rat-infested factory. You may have heard of this boy, whose books brought about so many reforms in the treatment of children and the poor: TTO - Vo mt ngy h oi , i v chng tr cng c con gi bn tui, Tzippie, ang trn ng i ngh mt trn ni trong vi tun.

Tt c lp tc c chuyn n bnh vin gn. Tzippie nm khu iu tr dnh cho tr em v cha m c b c a sang khu vc chm sc c bit. C th hnh dung c rng Tzippie chng nhng ht sc au n m cn rt khip s khi chng thy cha m bn cnh mnh an i v v. Hiu ni s hi v cm gic bt an ca Tzippie, nn c dnh ht tnh cm cho b. Sau nhiu th ng iu tr, gia nh Tzippie c xut vin. Cn Tzippie, c b khng mun xa ri Martha cht no, c nng nc i c n sng cng vi mnh.

Nhng khi h chuyn ra nc ngoi sinh sng, hai bn mt lin lc vi nhau t. C y t trc nhn thy b Martha rt him khi c ngi n thm. Khi c y t tr va kt thc cu chuyn, Martha kh ni: B Martha sng vi gia nh Tzippie t y. One hot summer day, a young couple and their four-year-old daughter, Tzippie, were on their way to the mountains for a few weeks vacation.

Suddenly, a huge truck in the oncoming lane collided head-on with the familys small car. The couple was injured seriously, and little Tzippie sustained many fractures.

They were immediately taken to the nearest hospital, where Tzippie was brought to the childrens ward and her parents were taken to the intensive care unit. As can well be imagined, Tzippie was not only in great pain, but she was also very frightened because her parents were not nearby to give her comfort. Martha, the nurse who was assigned to Tzippie, was a single, older woman.

She understood Tzippies fear and insecurity and became very devoted to her. When Martha finished her shift, instead of going home, she would volunteer to stay with Tzippie at night. Of course, Tzippie grew very fond of her and depended on her for her every need.

Martha brought her cookies, picture books and toys; she sang songs to her and told her countless stories. When Tzippie was able to be moved, Martha put her in a wheelchair and took her to visit her parents every day.

After many months of hospitalization, the family was discharged. Before they left the hospital, the parents blessed Martha for her devoted and loving care and invited her to visit them. Tzippie would not let go of Martha, and insisted that she come to live with them.

Martha also did not want to be parted from her little Tzippie, but her life was in the childrens ward of the hospital, and she could not think of leaving. There was a tearful parting as Tzippie and the loving nurse said good-bye to each other. For a few months the family kept up a close relationship with Martha through phone calls only, since they lived quite a distance from her.

When they moved abroad, however, they lost contact with each other. Over thirty years passed. One winter Martha, who was now in her seventies, became seriously ill with pneumonia and was hospitalized in the geriatric ward of a hospital near her home.

There was a certain nurse on duty who noticed that Martha had very few visitors. She tried her best to give the elderly lady special care, and she saw that she was a sensitive, clever person.

One night when the nurse was sitting near her elderly patient and they were chatting quietly, she confided in her as to what had prompted her to become a nurse. When she was four years old, she explained, and her parents had been injured in an automobile accident, there had been a wonderful nurse who had brought her back to health with her loving, caring devotion. As she grew older, she determined that one day she, too, would become a nurse and help others from the young to the old just as that nurse had done for her.

After she graduated from nursing school overseas, she had met a young man from America, and when they married, they moved to the States. A few months earlier they had moved to this city, where her husband had been offered a very good job, and she was happy to get a position as a nurse in this hospital. As the nurses story unfolded, tears flowed from the elderly patients eyes, as she realized that this must surely be her little Tzippie, whom she had cared for after the accident.

When the young nurse had finished her story, Martha said softly, Tzippie, we are together again, but this time you are nursing me!

Tzippies eyes opened wide as she stared at Martha, suddenly recognizing her. Is it really you? How many times I have thought about you and prayed that someday we would meet again! When Martha recovered from her illness, Tzippie this time did not beg her to come and live with her family.

Instead, she just packed up Marthas belongings and took her home with her. She lives with Tzippie to this day, and Tzippies husband and children have welcomed her like a most special grandmother. Mi sng, ti nghin cht rng ri t nh: Hm nay, cuc sng li tip tc tri theo li mn ca n y. Mnh phi vt qua n. Nht nh mnh phi lm th!. Nhng ri chui ngy nhm chn vn ko di l th, v tnh trng t lit dng nh ngy mt t hn.

Gia nh ti c mt ngi nh ngh bn b bin. Thm na, ng ta ni: Ti s a cho anh mt toa thuc, c cch 3 gi th dng mt ln. Anh hy dng nhng liu thuc ny vo lc 9 gi sng, 12 gi tra, 3 gi chiu v 6 gi ti theo s th t. Quang cnh tht vng v. Ri ti m mnh giy th nht ra xem: Ti nhn chm chm vo dng ch. Khng th hiu ni! Tuy nhin, ti vn ngng u lng nghe. Chng c m thanh no ngoi ting sng go tht m m u n, ting ku lc chc ca con mng bin v ting m ca vi chic my bay trn bu tri.

Nhng m thanh tht quen thuc! Ti ra khi xe. Ti leo ln mt n ct v nhn ra pha xa bi bin hoang vng. Ngay lc y, ti khm ph ra rng: Ti tr li xe v nm tht sau tay li, tip tc chm ch lng nghe. Khi ti nghe li ln na ting gm vang ln t su thm trong lng i dng, ti hnh dung v s thnh n ca nhng cn ging t ni ln nh mt con th ang nhe nhng chic rng nanh trng hu e da.

Lc , ti nhn ra rng ti ang ngh n nhng th cn to ln hn c chnh bn thn mnh - v lng ti thy khuy kha vi iu y. D vy, bui sng tri qua rt chm chp. Ti m toa thuc th hai ra. Mt ln na, ti li thy na vui na cu. Toa thuc ln ny c ba t: C hi tng. Hi tng iu g nh? Hn nhin l nhng k c p trong qu kh ri. Nhng ti sao li phi nh th ch, khi tt c nhng lo lng ca ti u lin quan n hin ti hay tng lai?

Ti s chn nhng tnh tit c th v ghi li cng nhiu chi tit cng tt. Ti s tp trung lng nghe chnh xc m thanh ging ni cng nh ting ci ca h. Thy triu ang xung dn, nhng ting sng vn v m m. Ri nhng hnh nh y nha dn. Nhng ngi hnh phc thng l nhng ngi t tin v qu quyt. Th Vin Ebook Min Ph. Moi vao trang Am Nhac Viet Nghe Ca Nhac Tre Viet Nam Online Music, download nhac phim viet nam, phim bo han quoc, phim hong kong chieu phim truc tuyen, download viet mp3, doc bao viet, nghe nhac online va noi chuyen tinh yeu.

This domain is estimated value of Mang s tri nghim mi m v th gii game 3D ch thc. You may have to register before you can post: click the. Xem phim online min ph cht lng cao. Minh cung biet co ban nu thu dam,nhung khi tim hieu thi khong ngo la nhieu den nhu vay. Th gii trong m. Come and Put your life akira phan ft vu ngoc. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what youre looking for. Com, ca nhc mp3 online, ti nhc v my tc cao. Is nghe doc. Vi y cc th loi truyn nh : Truyn ma, truyn ngn, truyn audio,.

Nghe Truyn Xa mun gip bn c tip cn c nhng tc phm mt cch trn vn. From the Today to viet nam phim.Thu Gn Ni Dung. One night when the nurse was sitting near her elderly patient and they were chatting quietly, she confided in her as to what had prompted her to become a nurse. But was visualizing enough? Six words this time. Minh thnh. Ti bit c ngi ngh ti in, nhng ti khng d dng b cuc.

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