download Becoming Jane Austen by Jon Spence (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Becoming Jane Austen was researched and written by the Jane Austen scholar Jon Hunter The book was used as the basis for the film Becoming Jane, which was released in January (Sydney). Jon Spence was a historical consultant . Becoming Jane is a British-Irish biographical romantic drama film directed by Julian The film is partly based on the book Becoming Jane Austen by Jon Hunter Spence, who was also hired as historical consultant. The final.

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Becoming Jane Austen book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Becoming Jane book. Read 25 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Jane, a year-old writer falls in love with Tom Lefroy who studies. Jon Spence's fascinating biography of Jane Austen paints an intimate portrait of the much-loved novelist. Spence's meticulous research has, perhaps most.

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In Austen's next surviving letter January 14, , she anticipates, with characteristic irony, an upcoming party at the home of Lefroy's uncle: I look forward with great impatience to it, as I rather expect to receive an offer from my friend in the course of the evening. I shall refuse him, however, unless he promises to give away his white Coat. Shortly thereafter Lefroy returned to London and resumed his legal studies, in which he was supported by his great-uncle Benjamin Langlois.

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The accommodation probably came about through the Austen family's friendship with the Rev. There is no evidence that Austen saw Tom Lefroy or that he was even in London while she and her brothers were there. Two years later November Tom Lefroy again visited his uncle and aunt in Hampshire but did not see Austen during his stay. In Lefroy had become engaged in Ireland to Mary Paul, the sister an "heiress" of a college friend, and in they married.

One of their daughters was named Jane, probably after Mary's mother, Jane Paul.

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She never married. She moved to England a month before production began to improve her English accent, and attempted to stay in character throughout filming, the first time she had done so for a movie.

There were concerns in some quarters that the American Hathaway was playing a beloved English writer.

James McAvoy , who plays Thomas Langlois Lefroy , believed that filming in Ireland made her casting "a bit safer" than if they had shot in England. McAvoy accepted the role because he enjoyed Austen's writings and was eager to work with Jarrold, having collaborated with him previously on the television production White Teeth.

Darcy ; the actor soon realised however "that the screenplay was nothing like Pride and Prejudice. The screenwriter probably speculated on some of the inspiration for Pride and Prejudice but it is a completely different story.

Becoming Jane (Book)

Austen was actor James Cromwell , who viewed his character as "a generous gentleman, well educated and supportive of Jane for the most part. He is bedevilled by his financial circumstances but deeply in love with his wife and sympathetic to her concerns about what will happen to the girls if they don't marry.

Cohu believed that her character "needs security. She is looking to be safe.

She finds that security with Henry as she knows the Austen family. The actress called her character "terribly sensible", noting that she "gets her heart broken. It's very sad.

She's the levelling force for Jane Austen, the wild one. She tries to get her back in line, but fails miserably. Wisley and Dame Maggie Smith as Lady Gresham, whom Jarrold viewed as possessing "similarities to Lady Catherine De Burgh in Pride and Prejudice but in this film you get to see her hidden vulnerabilities — the pain of never having had children and her controlling maternal power over Wisley.

Becoming Jane

She was interested in both the effects of continental fashions on English clothing and the differences between social classes. There's a scene of her ageing parents going at it in bed within the first few minutes. Then back to the country, where there's a Wicker Man-style carnival going on, complete with everyone wearing horses' heads and setting things on fire.

Doubtless high jinks went on in the s, and all this is a welcome alternative to the sort of drippy schmaltz that some Austen adaptations deliver, but since none of it has anything to do with the story, it feels like someone's trying to prove a point. We get it: people in olden times drank too much, had wild sex, got naked and wrestled in the streets, and on special days dressed up as barnyard animals and summoned the god of hellfire.

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This is called "progress". It is widely considered to be some sort of achievement. People Huff on the heath Tom's uncle, on whom he depends for money, doesn't like him bare-knuckle boxing or snogging prostitutes. As a punishment, he sends Tom to Hampshire.Becoming Jane. Jane Austen's quiet life is not very rewarding biographical material.

The horror of her mother's long illness and death still hangs over this family, but there's a more recent cause for sadness: Charlotte's novel, "The Professor," has just been rejected, and the poet Robert Southey has written her a condescending note: "Literature cannot and should not be the business of a woman's life. Then one day, Jane accidentally encounters Tom in a friend's library.

As far as anyone knows, Tom did not propose at that time, and he and Jane parted company. Austen, lying next to her, comments that because he has set an example of perfection, Jane can not be satisfied with anything less.

Anne Hathaway appears to do no wrong. Views Read Edit View history. The letter expresses gratitude and they exclaim that they do not know what they would do without him. He lived with a family in a nearby village.

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