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Ebook Nadzom Maqsud fi Ilmi Shorof adalah sebuah kitab syair tipis yang berisi tentang penjelasan ilmu Shorof, tentunya kitab ini sangat. BERMAKSUI): Wahai Tuhan kami, lemah lemhutkanlah kami pada memudah- kan tiap-riap pekerjaan The first ziarah should be of Makam RasulUllah (saw) . Free Ebook Download and Forum. Mulai dari tafsir, kitab hadits, fiqh, sirah, tarikh, dll. Only free download. (kitab islam, ebook islam, buku islam).

Practise using the hijab if you are not used to it. You can stand in front of a mirror with the sunlight behind you and ask a friend to tell you.

Ladies may want to bring loose camisoles and full slips to wear underneath your garment. If wearing pants, is it loose enough not to reveal your body shape as you bend and prostrate? Check out the spray bottle at IKEA. Know the many types of solat sunat; witir, hajat, tasbih. Useful to bring a guidebook. Yusof Hj.

We need to safeguard ourselves against jinns and humans. I always made du'a to ask that Allah make the Hajj easy mudah and complete sempurna and alhamdulIllah my wish was granted. You may want to read it with istiqomah at least once after every solat fardh. If not, try to khatam during pilgrimage. It was also useful to have my own pocket size copy which I could highlight and mark. Learning how to read it before embarking on the journey would help you not waste a single minute of your time in the holy lands so that you can fill it with solat, reading the Quran and other ibadah.

But if unable to, the supplications are provided with translation. Read the translated part.. I personally read both not just because I can read the Quran, but because reading the translated version means more to me as I understand every word that I am saying. Allah understands any language we speak, even if it is in our heart.

It will be nice though if we could learn to read Quran before we go as a spiritual preparation. Quran is NUR — a gift from Allah to us, a pity if we do not read it in our daily lives especially if we are going to visit His place.

I remember Ustaz Harun Din saying, if we want to attain Haji Mabrur, it begins from home from the time we register. Remember we are talking to Allah. The supplications in the books are merely suggested readings. The danger is, you spend too much energy in memorising, but lose the spiritual attainment which is more important. Know some simple words in Arabic. Try to listen to others before deciding what you think is best for yourself.

Please bear in mind that in Makkah, friends also need time to be alone and you cannot demand much from them. Stay close to your muhrim, especially at Immigration. In Saudi, the authorities strictly adhere to this rule, as they do not wish a female jema'ah to be stranded in Saudi. We did, however, obtain the blessings and written approvals from our respective husbands for the journey. For Umrah you need to be accompanied by a male Muhrim. Personally I agree that we should plan our trip well to ensure that we have a true Muhrim — as I feel that the temporary Muhrim as assigned by the Travel Agents would cause us to start our journey on the left foot.

The reasoning given was that this is an immigration requirement…. Check with your family and friends their experience. Watch for signs. You may want to perform solat istikharah on this. But it is a good way to test your patience and you'll appreciate your hajj more as you go through some "hardship".

Amongst the hardship is having to walk 6 km to and fro passing through the two Muassiem tunnels. You'll get to mix with people who are very old and who have never traveled before, and often you end up taking them to clinics which is a form of amal jariah.

Food was always available. At Masjidil Haram, however, I met a few tearyeyed ladies who claimed that when they went back to the hotel NOT muassasah a little late, there was no more food. Even kissing HajarulAswad, insyaAllah. Only two airlines operate the direct route: Malaysia Airlines or Saudi Air.

Saudi Air flies directly to Medinah. Since food is taken in from KL, it will carry Malaysian food.

So you do not have to worry. The flight will almost be the same number of hours. The last 3 years — it has been cold in Medinah and Makkah.

Even rainy. The hot season will sometimes exceed 40 deg C. During Northern winter months, the cold can sometimes go to negative degrees at night. So, plan your travel dates accordingly.

For the hotel in Makkah, ensure that there is little gradient, if any, when you are bringing the elderly or children. It is possible to stay at 4-star hotels at reasonable rates. If you are sharing more than 2 to a room, do find out the number of sinks or WCs available in the room.

It may be worthwhile to pay more for convenience. Their location is very near to MasjidilHaram. Instead he got a room for himself.

That somewhat provided us the privacy when we needed it and of course the space to put our stuff. Which was also nice for me who paid for a 5-person room.

And after Jemaah on early flights left, we got a room for 2 with the bathroom all to ourselves. That was a blessing!! I have stayed in Hotel Towers apartment three times and it was very nice. What I like about Makkah Hilton is the glass bubble lifts — I get a sense of security in case I end up to be the only female in the lift.

Reason for getting a Hotel near the Masjid is to allow you to go back after every prayer to rest or freshen up. If Hotel is far, it would be wiser to stay in the masjid and the solat times are quite near to one another. Note that you can only withdraw from Tabung Haji in Makkah as there is no such facility in Medinah.

What you withdraw in Makkah is transacted in Saudi Riyals. Tabung Haji. This hotel is near the clock tower where people feed the birds. Opening hours subject to change : Saturday — Wednesday am — pm; Thursday am — 12 noon. Closed Friday. Pay all dues. Check out various forms of alternative treatments e.

Seek professional advice if under medication or medical treatment. Please note in some cases even after taking the prescribed medication, you may still menstruate. We make plans but Allah decides what is best for us.

I was on the pill the last 3 times I visited the Holy Lands and had no problem. At the same time, I verbalized to a friend that I had no problems so far with the pill. Two years before performing the Haj, my sister joined me on a special Umrah trip, which was meant to prepare me for my true journey.

Even though we were both experiencing the onset of the menopausal period of our lives, we were hoping that we would be blessed with full dry season, to enable us to smoothly perform the Umrah. I had been more fortunate than my sister, whose anxiety may have caused the reverse effect, with the flow being erratic and uncontrollable. From Medinah we proceeded to the holy City of Makkah.

Unfortunately, the very next day her flow returned and I guess with vengeance, as it was suppressed by the medication. It was quite a challenge to her, to keep on cleansing herself long enough to have a praying window in Masjidil Haram between the flow.

One evening she was happy to note that the flow had stopped and after performing the cleansing bath the next morning we visited Miqat Al-Taneim, wearing our Ihram, with the objective of performing another Umrah, the second for her.

We returned to the Masjidil Haram in time to hear the Iqamat to begin the dawn prayer. Hurriedly we found a space to join in and as I prayed I was looking forward to continue with the performance of the Umrah immediately after.

We then proceeded to Baitullah to perform the Tawaf. At the end of the 6th round of the Tawaf, my sister whispered to me that she was feeling uncomfortable. Although she continued to accompany me to complete the 7th round, she knew that her Tawaf had to be aborted. At the hotel she related her condition to another pilgrim, who assured her not to worry and that she should wait a while, and when the flow stop to immediately take her bath and to revisit Baitullah to re-performed the Tawaf.

This was exactly what she did and I accompanied her to complete the Tawaf. Regretfully the flow continued on the flight until she returned to Malaysia. Even though she completed the Umrah, both of us felt that something was not right but we were not able to identify it. Before my departure for the Hajj, she visited me, and offered RM I could not accept the money as we were both unsure what the payment was for.

Dam could only be paid for specific reason and infringement of the key rites. She then told me that to perform a Tawaf she should wait for at least 24 hours after her flow had dried to ascertain that it truly ended before taking the cleansing bath. She could pray in between but the waiting period is a condition for performing the Tawaf. At that instance I thought of my sister and what happened during the Umrah trip.

He however advised me to seek the opinion of Tabung Haji nearest to her home. Upon my return to Malaysia, I immediately visited my sister in Kota Bahru and related to her the doubt that was looming in me. Therefore, she needed to immediately adhere to the rules of Ihram and to pay the Dam by slaughtering a full-mature goat.

In addition she should, if circumstances allow, return to Mekah to complete the Umrah. Fortunately, she is a widow, otherwise the Dam would have been a camel. Remember that our goal is Allah; everything and everyone else are a means towards Him.

For example, en route to Europe for a holiday; there's a wedding ahead and there's some shopping to do Makkah and Medinah are a shopping haven for exquisite materials ; to show off that we can afford the first class trip, to name a few. Ironically, he who all these years has been strict in adhering to nonmuhrim restrictions has become interested in another woman several months after the hajj.

On hindsight, perhaps his intent for the hajj was not appropriate. AlhamdulIllah, what became apparent to me during my trip were the personal development areas I needed to improve in. Additionally, I am very grateful to Allah for granting me the ability to have more faith and confidence in Him.

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I was glad I had on covered clogs so that it was easy for me to perform wudhu did so at the water cooler and had my prayer paraphernalia in my carry on. Bringing bathroom slippers in a carry on is also helpful if you're wearing shoes on the journey.

On hindsight, I wish I had my sejadah in my carry on, since I had to solat on the bare floor. Make sure you go via direct flight i. Those going by MAS will still need to land in Jeddah first.

Make sure your travel agent does not arrange your flight through other airlines, which need to make stopovers and transits. They will only inform you of the details when things are already confirmed.

There were many elderly people in our group. Needless to say, by the time we got to Makkah, most of them were too tired to immediately complete their umrah.

From Jeddah, you will need to travel by road to Makkah, which takes about one hour. This may take 6 hours or even up to 8 hours during peak season. If you're going for Hajj, most likely you will have to travel by bus.

While the younger ones may not find this a problem, the elderly people may be too tired by the time they get to their destination.

Alternatively, you could arrange to travel by GMC an 8cylinder, 4-wheel drive , which could get the trip reduced to about 4 hours. A GMC can seat up to 7 pax. There are hotels, which are considerably quite near but are built on hilly areas which may not be too convenient for elderly people, especially those with back or knee problems.

The following reminders may help you plan ahead: 2. Look for the goodness in anything and do not dwell on the badness, even dirty toilets or anything strange. Jadikanlah malam pertama kami di Alam barzakh adalah malam In other words, narrative can be found in every domain of culture so that, Indonesia which fought for the realisation of Darul Islam or DI, a 'place for. Latar Belakang Masalah Wisata religi Hazairin, ed Tanggalkan pakaiannya dan tutupi dengan kain ke seluruh tubuhnya.

Letakkan kedua tangannya di antara pusat —dada, seperti orang solat. Segerakan membayar hutangnya, Misteri Alam Kubur - ibnumajjah. Rani Sesungguhnya kami —insya Allah- akan menyusulkan, kami mohon kepada Allah untuk kami dan kamu, agar diberi keselamatan dari apa yang tidak diinginkan. Ya Allah, tetapkanlah limpahan rahmat dan salam serta keberkahan kepadanya Nabi Muhammad saw.

When you arrive at your hotel be it in Medinah or Makkah look around the place and take a good look at the building you're in. Then try to remember the surroundings. Very important to listen to instructions of the guide because normally he will show the route to and from the mosque. Get to know people in the same group. It does not pay to be a loner out there.

Jot down the time for prayers for planning purposes. Because of the crowd during the Hajj season, you may have to make plans to be in the mosque at least 60 minutes before prayer time.

If you're travelling as a pair or a group, once you get into the mosque, the splendour of it all normally astounds everyone and a seasoned traveler is not spared. Be sure to identify a specific meeting place to meet eg. Hajjar Aswad or Yemeni or whichever. Whenever you get lost, go back to To identify the door you came in it is easier to note which corner of the Kaabah it is closest to. Bring a small backpack containing a small bottle of water in case you need to take wudhu' again , tissues, wet tissues especially helpful if you are breaking fast in the Masjid , pen, paper, tumbler so that you don't need to refill Zam Zam water so often and you can take some back to your residence when you go to the mosque, and if performing umrah, a pair of scissors for tahallul.

Carry the backpack in front so that it can also act as a shield in crowded places. Also backpacks can remain on your back when you go to the toilet or take your wudhu. I like the foldable Travelpak brand about RM50 it is lightweight yet durable. It has bottle compartments at the sides you can have your zam zam water bottle on one side and bottle with spray header for wudhu on the other side. So as you enter, just open your bag and show them the contents. Sometimes they will not allow water bottles, so a tumbler is better".

Place your bag in front of you so that others may walk in front of you as you pray. The bag should be at least 5 hasta away from your feet. Pack your slippers in a shoe bag upon entering the masjid and keep the shoe bag in your backpack. In case you lose your slippers, slippers are usually sold outside the masjids. If need be, walk home in your socks. There is no restriction on printed materials if it is to help us perform our Ibadah.

Printed material that is forbidden are those related to politics or other unrelated writings that could adversely affect or change our nawaitu. It's the most beautiful translation I've come across -- and you can also download it for SR60 at the bookstore.

The thinner version, however, is easier to read and the footnotes contain hadiths. It comes in hardback at SR30 and paperback pocket size at SR The latter is one I would never leave home without. Take note of eating places local, Indonesian, Indian, etc. Sample the pure thick fruit juices mango, orange, sugarcane, guava, honeydew, etc. It is advisable to have food with you, especially on transit and in case there is shortage of food for whatever reason.

Consider serunding, biscuits, fruits, etc. If you like samosa, the best Ive found in Makkah is at Shobra restaurant, behind Intercontinental Hotel a bit more expensive but chock full of meat! Please note that Medinahs landscape has changed since , if you have been there before, please expect changes in shop locations, etc. At Masjid Nabawi there are areas strictly designated for males or females.

The female sections are accessible through the following areas Qiblat is south: Depending on the days of your stay in Medinah, the travel agent will normally assign an Ustaz to assist you during ziarah. The first ziarah should be of Makam RasulUllah saw. For ladies this visit is restricted to certain hours in the day. Early morning at approximately 7. For this visit, the Ustaz will only accompany you to the Masjid area and recite the supplication and show you the Baqi cemetery.

You will then proceed into the Masjid to Makam Rasul on your own to pay respect to our RasulUllah saw. Recite the supplication from your reference book, concentrate, and you will feel that your heart will burst with love for our him and gratitude for the Islam that he has brought to us through hardship.

It is sad that as Muslims, we have taken things for granted and have not carried out his teachings the best we can. Ladies may not be able to have access to the 3 Makams.

Then proceed to Raudhah. Raudhah will normally be packed. Try to get through and perform Solat Sunnat at the first line in the Raudhah. During Umrah, it is possible. But during Hajj, if you think you cant, then dont attempt it, because many have suffered injuries during this time. The trick is to get to the second row and stand for awhile, InsyaAllah the person praying in front will get up to allow you to pray. Otherwise ask politely for a small space to pray. Perform 2 raka'at sunnat and in your last sujud, sujud for some time.

During that time, pour your heart out and ask Allah for what you want. During Sujud, no one will ask you to move.

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But also be careful as in a crowded area, where people are pushing, someone might fall on you. SO it is advisable not to go alone and get your friend to guard while you pray and vice-versa.

A trip to Masjid Quba, should be done with wudhu from the hotel. Solat two rakaat at Masjid Quba is equivalent to one umrah if wudhu is performed at place of residence. Use this opportunity to perform Solat Dhuha. Ask to visit the Quran Printing Complex. Perform the sunnat Ihram bath, don your ihram wear but do not perform the Ihram nawaitu yet so that you do not get bound by the Ihram rules.

The bus will depart for Makkah another hours journey may even be as long as 12 hours with a stopover at Miqat, which is at Bir Ali. Use this long journey to recite LabaikAllah if possible until you reach Makkah. Check-in and if youre not too tired, proceed to Masjidil Haram for prayers.

Otherwise rest and freshen up first. Remember you are still in Ihram and need to observe the rules. The mutawif will inform the time for Jemaah to get together and perform Umrah. For beginners, it is best to follow the Mutawif. Remember Umrah and Hajj comprise specific actions. It is enhanced with supplications.

Aim to do your best and try to recite all the supplications you have learned. You dont need to memorise them and you can read from your reference book. Personally, I prefer to perform the Umrah without the Mutawif because a Mutawif will normally be too familiar with the procedure and tends to proceed at a fast pace.

My advice is do not rush. Each ibadah needs to be done. Masjidil Haram. There are about doors at Masjidil Haram. SO be very sure which door you enter.

The main door is Abdul Aziz, which is Door 1. King Abdul Aziz Gate 2. Basement Ajiad 5. Ajiad 6. Ajiad Escalator 9. Hussain Ismail From Safa to Marwa Gate Abi Qabis stairs Bab Darul Raqir Bani Hashim Flyover Bani Hashim Gate Ali Flyover green light Ali Al Abbas green light Al Abbas Flyover Al Nabi Al Nabi Flyover Bab As Salam Salam Flyover Bani Shaiba Al Hajoon Al Maala Flyover Al MaAla Al Madda-a Al Marwa Morad.

Morad Escalator Al Mohassab Arafa Mina Quraish Escalator Qararah Escalator Al Qararah Ramp Basement Haram Al Fath Gate Haram basement Omar An Nadwa Bridge An Nadwa Al Shameia Escalator Al Qods Al Medinah Al Medinah Bridge Al Mahdi Al Abasi Bridge Al Umrah Gate Al Umrah stairs Al Shebika Escalator 67 - King Fahd Haram basement King Fahd stairs King Fahd Gate King Fahd Haram basement.

King Fahd Escalator 93 - King Abdul Aziz stairs.

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Some of the doors of Masjidil Haram are now only for ladies, although ladies can still enter through other doors. The Kaabah is about meters from the Masjid doors.

Look at the Kaabah often and think of the history and what had happened on this holy ground. The energy near the Kaabah is incredible, especially at the Multazam and at the Golden Spout -- you get reduced to tears easily and feel like how one could feel on Padang Mashar -- naked, tiny, full of sins -- enough to make one feel repentant. I make it a point to do tawaf everytime I enter Masjidilharam and before exiting. To me, this is more afdhal than doing umrah everyday.

I like to khatam Quran in Masjidilharam, so I read the Quran during tawaf instead of the normal doas. In the afternoon I do it upstairs so that I don't get too tanned. During Ramadhan, I made doa while performing tawaf sunnat. Otherwise, I dont get to make all the doa for myself, family and friends near the Kaabah because of the huge crowd. Try praying on the rooftop of Masjidil Haram.

It is so refreshing to do so for Subuh and Maghrib prayers. For Umrah: Perform the Tawaf by circumambulating 7 times around the Kaabah. Both males and females move in the same area. The Men are normally in white. If you can, perform tawaf at night when its cool. If you lose count, perform an extra round, if in error, do again or backtrack to the error. There are many things to watch for in tawaf. Keep hands underneath your telekung and use the arm gloves.

The cycle is anticlockwise. If youre afraid that you may lose each other, select a checkpoint to meet after tawaf before performing the next task.

Tendency for another group to crash in is high and your shoulder may move. Then your tawaf may become invalid. I have done this many times and normally it will take approximately minutes to complete the tawaf. If you perform Tawaf after Zuhr or Asr when the sun is shining hot, it is wise to use sunglasses to protect the eyes.

You may also want to wet your head with Zam Zam water to prevent dehydration. There were also a few of our ladies there who had prayed using the face masks, which is not permissible during ihram.

They also used the masks during tawaf, perhaps after looking at female pilgrims from other countries. Once you have completed your tawaf, proceed behind Maqam Ibrahim. Perform solat Sunnat Tawaf 2 rakaat and recite the supplication given in the book. If you are able to move towards the Multazam, raise your hands and recite the supplication. This is another place where supplications are mustajab. Unless the guard chases you, use this opportunity to make supplications as.

If unable to go near, then a distance away is okay as long as it is directly in front of the Kaabah door. If it is crowded, you can perform solat Sunnat Tawaf anywhere in the Masjid. Do not add to the congestion. Then move on to Hijir Ismail. It can be done at any time but personally I always follow this step to ensure that I have completed everything should I not get a second chance. That is why it has to be slow and steady, step-by-step. Hijir Ismail is always crowded. Just find any small space where you can sujud to perform two-rakaat sunnat and again use sujud akhir to take your time to make supplication in your heart.

The guard may not chase you if you are in sujud position. Take a short break to drink. You can use the tanks outside the Masjid to fill up bottles.

When you have rested, proceed to Safa and Marwah for Saie. If it is time for Solat Fardhu, stop to perform solat and continue afterwards. Start at Safa -- face Kaabah and Istilam.

Then start walking to Marwah. For ladies there is no need to jog a little at the Green Light, but for men, yes. Use thick socks to walk the Saie. Safa Marwah 1 count ; Marwah Safa 2 counts and continue until 7 counts. If unsure, complete another walk. Better more than less. You do not have to be in Wudhu for this task.

Here you can walk together as there are lanes that you can follow but do not link hands. After you have finished the 7 counts, which will end in Marwah, perform the Tahlul. Bring a small pair of scissors and cut a few strands of hairrecite the supplication.

However if in Ifrad, do not cut your hair, as you will still be in Ihram till Hajj is completed. Thus your first Umrah which is wajib is completed. Subsequent Umrahs will be Sunnat. You can do this as many times as you can by just taking a short trip to Miqat. You may want to sadaqah the umrah sunnat to a deceased family member or friend. Ukuf at Arafah on 9 Dhulhijjah is the climax of Hajj, a time of the year when supplications are most mustajab, i.

Plan carefully how to best utilize the limited precious time at Arafah. Avoid bringing too many things to Arafah and Mina because you need to walk long distance. Use bags with rollers or a backpack for Mina and Arafah as you may need to walk for a long stretch to get to your camp.

Rest as much as possible days before leaving for Arafah. Resting can increase the probability for patience. If you can afford it, send clothes to the laundry.

Conserve energy for praying and ibadah. In fact, it is possible now to get a map of the locality. Prepare yourself for walking from Arafah to Mina. For those staying on in Mina from Arafah, be sure to pack the essentials for the stay in both Arafah and Mina. Some cash, whether for food or sadaqah.

Ukuf in Arafah is well described in Hajj guidebooks. As usual, try to take a walk around after you've laid down your stuffs. Find out where: The nearest toilets are. The nearest clinic is. The nearest drinking water tanks are. If you notice a person complaining of headaches and feeling hot, cool her down by fanning her underneath her hijab or telekong and sponge her especially her head.

Most probably she's about to get heat stroke. And if you ever leave the tent, be sure to let someone know of your absence. At Arafah between Zuhr and Maghrib, devote your time, energy, mind and body to Allah. Avoid mixing tea and taking pictures in the midst of preparing to move to Muzdalifah. Concentrate on istighfar, glorification, prayers and supplication. My aunt advised me to come out of the tent upon hearing the Zuhr adhan and make supplication.

Queuing for the bus and the bus ride from Arafah to Muzdalifah may take 10 hours or more, so be prepared with what you need on hand. During my hajj trip, a lady on my bus went missing because she got down again just before we left for Mina from Arafah to go to the toilet without informing anyone. Unfortunately for her, the person she sat with was too oblivious of whatever was happening. For Hajj , several thousand pilgrims missed mabit in Mudzdalifah, and even a lot more had to walk to their tents in Mina by disembarking from their buses 4 6 kilometres away.

For the new hajjs, please take note of this scenario. The total walk between Arafah and Mina InsyaAllah is about 10 kms add 1 or 2 kms to your tent. By the time you are in Makkah, gather a few similar heads and discuss the possibility of this happening again. Then discuss this with your mutawif as to your contingency plan, for e. When do you decide to walk? For men putting on an extra towel to deal with the chill of nighttime?

Energy bars? What things will you jettison in order to make walking more comfortable [or you have a haversack which can be kept in the. Look for toilets that have been used for bathing because these are more likely to be clean and not smelly. I think the greatest challenge was at the toilets in Arafah and Mina I had to garner plenty of patience and watch my mouth! If you have a long way to walk to the Jamrahs, bring water and sweets. Many have fainted due to low blood sugar.

Try to get a few people preferably male muhrims to enclose and protect you with their hands while you throw the stones, so that you can get near to the pillar. Be sure you know HOW to throw the stones. Looking at the terrain, one tends to better appreciate the challenges RasulUllah saw , Saidina Abu Bakr ra and his daughter Asma ra went through.

Learn from the Mutawif the proper way to throw pebbles at the Jamarat. Internalise the significance of Prophet Abrahams willingness to sacrifice Prophet Ismail. Think of the physical challenge RasulUllah saw undertook to meditate. This is where he received the first Ayat through Gabriel. This is the site of the peace treaty. You may want to perform umrah from this miqat. There is also a camel farm here. Some pilgrims were able to freeze the camel milk to bring back home. My mother became more energetic after drinking camel milk and asked for it in Medinah.

We were not able, however, to find it in Medinah. You may take pictures here beside items and ornaments used previously at the two Holy Masjids. There are also lovely pictures and three-dimensional models of the Masjids. Check with your Mutawif if he can take you on a tour and show interesting historical sites. You may want to give a tip for this usually extra service. When crowds are large, it can get chaotic and some women may want to push their way through to pray in the What can happen is the space around the Masjid gets taken up and men do end up praying behind the women.

This can be a little challenging to the men. Always bring a full length prayer mat, whether you pray inside or outside the Masjid.

The ladies section MAY be contaminated with babies fluids or others incontinence, so it is advisable to have your sejadah over the carpet or floor. For Friday prayers, the Masjids tend to be packed because the local men also pray there. This prayer is not compulsory for women, so if it is too crowded, do not add to the congestion.

You can pray dhuhr in your hotel room. I went for Hajj with my mother and auntie. No male mahram accompanying. Didn't find it much of a problem As a matter of fact, for the Hajj, sometimes it is easier if you go with female companions especially if you're going by muassasah. Most important thing is, just make sure you always stay in a big group.


Your mum and your sister will replace the muhrim role. During my Umrah and Hajj trips, although I went with my husband, I only saw him after prayers and at meal times. I normally go to the Masjid long before the Adhan call with my sister in law or another girl friend. Because the prayer area for women is separate from men in Umrah, I only need a female companion, as we will be moving around the same areas.

SO be independent but do not move around alone. Always be with some companion. One of the contributors was able to continue feeding her child after being away for 10 days.

The 4 of us headed for Raudhah and grandma said she would stay just outside Raudhah and look after our bags. Went we came out, she was not at the place where we left her. Apparently the later crowd had displaced her and by Gods will, someone managed to protect her.

We had to hunt for the stuff we had left with her and could not retrieve everything. They may wander and end up lost in the masjid. This actually happened to someone in my group during my recent trip. Two elderly ladies ended up lost in the masjid while their family members completed their umrah. Worse still, while searching for the two ladies, one of the family members found their shoes outside the masjid and took their shoes back.

Apparently when these two ladies did get out through that particular door and could not find their shoes, they thought they had the wrong door and went back inside the masjid to find another door out. The elderly ladies were only found after 24 hours.

They had to spend the night in Masjidil Haram, without any food. Wheelchairs are available for free at Masjidil Haram when you deposit your passport.

They are located in the Saie area. During the Hajj season, those unable to perform tawaf and saie on foot can do it using a wheelchair.

Renting a wheelchair can be It can go up to SR per session. Malaysians can borrow them from the Malaysian Medical Mission for free. You can also borrow one from the Tabung Haji, but to pay someone to push it can be expensive. You could download one from any pharmacy if you are lucky, used ones are also available , use it and either sell it back to the pharmacy or donate it to the hotel where future pilgrims can borrow it for free. It is cheaper to download than rent in the long run.

If you rent, it is for a limited duration and is subject to availability. During my recent umrah trip, I saw a place outside Masjidil Haram which provides wheelchairs for free. We didn't get any, though, because my mother only needed it for saie, not for tawaf for tawaf we could cut short the distance by doing the tawaf nearer to the Kaabah, but for saie there's no way to cut short the distance.

So, we rented the wheelchair at the saie area. In this case, it was the aide who wheeled her during saie, but both my sister and I promised to keep within distance, so we did.

But if you intend to do this, it's more advisable to get the male in your group to follow the person being wheeled Tawaf for someone in wheelchair would be together with every one else. It is advisable for you to wheel your mother yourself and perform the tawaf together.

She can read the supplication aloud and you can end each with amin since you are unable to hold the book. If you get someone else to push the wheelchair, the aide may be in a hurry to complete his job so that he can take in another customer.

He may push the jemaah at high speed. Yes, the tawaf will be completed but is it done correctly to the best of the ability and in the end do you get the satisfaction that you have completed it successfully? Again use the outer circle as to avoid the crowd. During Hajj, some proceed to the 2nd and 3rd level of the masjid to tawaf. Please ensure that the wheelchair is not left empty, so that it is in your secure possession always.

The person who uses the wheelchair can perform solat in it. Thereafter, you may want to consider the following items after shopping around to compare prices always ask for discounts, unless you are downloading from a street vendor who may be more in need than a merchant:. Im used to bargaining with vendors at home and habitually did so with the street vendors in Medinah. After a while, however, I felt guilty because they are less fortunate and are doing their best to make a living.

I dont mind overpaying if its too expensive, then Ill just walk away. The transaction needs to be sincere for both parties. Expandable, multi-zippered bag with rollers SR30 useful and versatile! Al-Fajr alarm clock www. A large face version is available for SR It is programmed to emit beautiful adhan during the 5 solat times according to various cities worldwide.

In Medinah, look for bookstores around Hotel Oberoi. SR18 vs. SR regular retail. Habbatus Sauda products, e. Oil, rubbing ointment, honey, etc.

Perfume oils minyak attar , perfumed wood for burning eg. Henna I found the one sold on the street in Makkah SR5 per pack to be finer than the ones in green packets or the one in Medinah. Akar Fatimah, easily found at Jabal Uhud. Look for the green, fresh ones. Dates, especially in Medinah.

Do ask the vendor to elaborate on the specific benefits of specific types of dates.Salutations 3 List of Contributors 4.

Allah swt, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful provides all His pilgrims with the purest of gift, the water of Zam-Zam with all its virtues. In Mina, shorten your bath and conserve water. Tendency for another group to crash in is high and your shoulder may move. Usianya masih 13 tahun. Al Mohassab O Allah, Whose love supercedes all love in this world and the Hereafter, you are the Benefactor in this world and the Hereafter. I feel that the observance of this adhab is very important towards protecting the mabrurness of your hajj.

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