But one of the guys she’s met online might be a stone-cold killer. A chilling game of lies, secrets, and manipulation awaits in R. L. Stine’s dark, sexy thriller—now an MTV original series starring Victoria Justice. She's drop-dead gorgeous. But one of the guys she's met online might be a stone -cold killer. A chilling game of lies, secrets, and manipulation awaits in R. L. She's drop-dead gorgeous. But one of the guys she's met online might be a stone -cold killer. A chilling game of lies, secrets, and manipulation.

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CLOSE on her eye, then a fluttering of light and dark Red Bull cans, candy wrappers, wads of cash, take-out Comic books, cars, porn. J.J. Massa Eye Candy By J.J. Massa 2 EYE CANDY The scanning, uploading and distribution of this book via the Inter Candy · Candy · Candy. MAXWELL. Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. Lindy Sampson is a twenty-three-year- old New Yorker Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month ? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new books in more than a.

She's too beautiful, and guys are intimidated by her. Her roommate suggests Internet dating and writes a personal ad for Lindy, calling her "Eye Candy. Suddenly, Lindy is dating four guys at once--and having the time of her life. Until she gets a terrifying note that warns: Keep going out with me. I'll mess you up if you ever say no. Lindy is now forced to say yes to everything the four men ask of her--dates, invitations to spend the night, anything.

From the East Village to the Hamptons, panic and paranoia shadow her every move. Lindy suspects everyone, even the one person she thought she could trust. But Lindy Sampson doesn't know the half of it--and what she doesn't know could kill her. From the Paperback edition. Fiction Horror Suspense Thriller. Publication Details Publisher: Random House Publishing Group Imprint: Ballantine Books Publication Date: Stine Author R.

I mean, the way he acted was so weird, and only the first call happened before he was there. And either he was the worst at this job or he had something to do with what was happening.

The only time someone was tailing Lindy, it was him. And even then a man was able to chase her for a long while before he appeared.

It was SO suspicious. Well, for me it was clear there were two people involved because there needed to be a twist. Well, Stine aimed for two twists. The Shelly being "harmless" and just writing about killing girls, which wasn't a bad twist but kind of a disappointment.

And then, who the real stalker was. I had all my egg's in Tommy's basket. Turns out, it was Ann-Marie. That was so stupid! So so so stupid! First of all, the chaser was supposed to look like a guy, and even if her description was made up, how could Brad's being so similar to hers, then? I doubt Brad would mistake a girl's body with a man's, even if it was night. There were some loose ends that annoyed me. Also, they never explained why Tommy acted so weirdly.

Which he did, a fuck lot. And I'm left wondering if he was just terrible at his job because, hello? Lindy was almost killed twice under his watch, or his supposed cop protection.

Adventure Time: Eye Candy Vol. 2

Maaan, so bad. On the other hand, Lindy. Lindy was so stupid. Really stupid. Her first person point of view drove me mad. Are you the one? Or did you just decide to go berserk after your met me? I understand Lindy was so paranoid, it's understandable, but her internal monologue was so annoying.

Also, the was suspicious of everyone and their mother, but not of Shelly and his changing weird behavior. Awesome, Lindy.

And in her job, she was a disaster. She shouldn't put up with what was happening to her. You wo man up, complain to your boss, do your job properly and stop letting Rita be the one that shines. I swear, Lindy was the most useless, stupid person in the book. She was the typical stereotype of the chubby insecure girl who gets herself the wrong man but is too blind to see it.

Does that turn her into a psycho? I don't think so. I mean, the chubby girl kills the amazing beautiful one because she's jealous?

She plans a prank that gets out of hand? Because the ugly chubby girl is crazy and the beautiful one is the poor victim we should feel bad for. Also, the woman's the bad one. We have six freaking guys, but the pyscho bitch is the woman. BTW, Stine, are you going to tell me how she faked the man's voice? Just out of curiosity. And Luisa? I wish the book had been about her. It would have been funnier, wittier and far more interesting.

Finally, the writing. I didn't really like the writing. Lindy's parts, as I said, were annoying. Also, the way of expressing herself was boring most of the time. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, it was very average. The "Murderer"'s parts? Meh, a little better, but still plain. I can only hope the tv show turns out better than this. Much better. Because this was an absolute disappointment.

I'm going to read another thing and hope it gets much better than this. View 2 comments. Okay, first of all, the television show?

Even if its just as ridiculous as the book plot. This book has left me confused. It centers around Lindy, this "too gorgeous for even her to admit it" year old that gets set up on a dating site by her best friend, Ann-Marie I'll get to her later, her character as a whole is what pissed me off the most!!!!!

Lindy, of course, is reluctant, because she's Okay, first of all, the television show? Lindy, of course, is reluctant, because she's still getting over her ex boyfriend, some super sexy cop, who was killed in the line of duty.

But her friend keeps pushing her to do it, saying she really needs to "get back out there" and find someone special. So Lindy caves and decided to go out with three guys. All of them are quite boring in my opinion, until she happens to meet Shelly. This weird and intense dude she mistakes for one of her dates at a bar. They hit it off and exchange numbers before her date, mind you.

And then the weird shit starts happening. Someone threatens Lindy's life. And steals all of her underwear??? The culprit says that he'll hurt Lindy if she ever says no to him, and she needs to keep seeing him.

Lindy is terrified, so she enlists the help of her ex boyfriends partner, a cop named Tommy. Sigh, Tommy. So much hotness in the television show, not enough hotness in the book. Stine could have made him babelier.

I mean, look at him on the show? Tommy insists that this creep is probably just a one time creep and she should just ignore the warnings and stop seeing all the guys. I forgot to mention the random chapters that are inserted to make you think that Lindy's stalker is killing other victims.

They are written as something out of a Criminal Minds episode, honestly. Written as if her stalker takes home innocent victims, bangs them, and leaves them dead for stupid reasons messed up teeth, fingernails chewed, etc. Those confused me the most. The significance of those chapters still leaves me baffled.

Anyways, back to the Lindy story. She's thrown off of a dock, she's followed by some creepy hooded figure, and she's genuinely terrified for her life.

But she keeps saying yes to these guys so she won't end up dead. The story drags on and on for about 50 more pages of the same bs, her dating all of these guys and getting threatening phone calls and being told not to say no. Until the last few pages kicks in. She goes to Shelly's the guy she met randomly when she mistook him for her date , and finds body parts.

Ultimately, she panics I mean, who wouldn't? She calls mister hot cop, and they arrest him. He's never even murdered anyone in his life. Just in stories. Yes, the chapters where women are getting murdered after having sex are in this dudes imagination. He's never killed anyone, he's just imagining it. This dude is batshit crazy. That part, the part where its revealed that this Shelly guy is imagining murdering everyone he dates, and no actual murder is being involved, is where Stine lost me.

I didn't even want to finish the book. But I trudged on anyways, considering I only had about 15 pages to go anyways. And finishing the book?

It wasn't even worth it. It turns out that he best friend and roommate was the one stalking her, stealing her underwear, and generally terrorizing her life.

All because she though Lindy and her skeezball guido boyfriend were having a secret thing on the side, and she was jealous of it. So she basically made Lindy go through hoops because she is just as nuts as that Shelly guy.

I finished this book perplexed. I couldn't even believe the ridiculousness of that plot twist. It was even interesting. Stine should have wrote about a hot Australian dude murdering people because they have flaws and he's searching for the perfect one.

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That would have grabbed my attention more. Apr 14, Attack Salmon rated it did not like it. Wow I have never read such a terrible R. Stine book. Hard to believe this one is written by him I enjoyed his Fear Street series. They are usually less than pages and a scary fun for me. Eye candy is wow pages. Don't be happy about that. More pages equate more bullshits in this case. Eye Candy is more of an adult horror. The characters are working people instead of teenagers and kids.

It has more gore and creepiness.

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Like more gory details but still did a childish attempt scaring me. I Wow I have never read such a terrible R. I was mildly enjoying this in the beginning. Lindy went out with 3 guys she met from the internet and one of them is a killer It was fun at first but slowly got boring. Lindy keep going on dates with these boy and there will be one or 2 accidents happened to the point that it get so repetitive you wish the story ends fast.

Also, there are some parts that are totally redundant view spoiler [ like Brad ask Lindy out and tell her he is going back to his gf, wtf who cares to know hide spoiler ]. Waste of space to fill up the pages. I am so bored near the end that I dont really care how it end Nov 01, Erielle rated it liked it. Wow, so this is the same R. Stine who wrote all those "Goosebumps" books I read and adored as a child, except it's not the same R.

Stine at all. This is a much darker Stine who has continued to write horror books, except this time they are for adults and very likely directed toward the audience of readers who all read his "Goosebumps" as children, only we are all grown up now.

And what can I say? I'm a sucker for a good Stine book. Just like all his other books, he has a way with words that Wow, so this is the same R. Just like all his other books, he has a way with words that makes the book a quick and suspenseful read but then kind of just drops off at the ending. Typical but not disappointing if you're used to Stine, that is.

See a Problem?

I didn't love it but didn't dislike it either. It was good for what it was, and I'm ready to read more of his adult horror novels. It makes me feel like a kid all over again. View all 8 comments. This book was okay, it had a nice twist at the end.

But I just did not like the writing. The suspense was low. The show is way more interesting, and it was the reason I decided to read the book. The shows so different from the book but in a good way. Jul 20, Ina rated it did not like it Shelves: Stine is an author I have read a lot of, especially when I was younger.

I read all the books from the Goosbumps and the Fear Street series. I have also read some of his stand alone books. He was the best selling author for young adult readers before being hit by J.

The Goosebumps series also became a TV series and movie. There has also been a trailer released for a sequel. Stine is a man with a huge fan base, especially children, teenagers, and nostalgic adults. I am a nostalgic adult. The Goosebumps series impressed me, not because it was scary, but it made me read a lot more.

Have always enjoyed reading from the time I learned to read, but there was something about those books that made made my interest in books bigger. Eye Candy is about Lindy who is a bit tired of being single.

She lives in New York with two other girls, and finding a normal guy to love, in this big city is anything but easy. Boys are scared of her cause she is very beautiful.

One of her friends she lives with suggests that she should put an advertisement online and before she knows it, her friend has made and published an ad for her on a dating page, nicknamed her Eye Candy. She is not quite fan of the nickname, but she has nothing to lose since it's hard to find someone. She meets different types of guys and starts dating for fun.

Take it as it comes. She meets different characters, some weird ones, a few dull ones and one she likes a lot, but she us unsure whether it's her type of guy. Things get creepy in the dating process when she recieves calls and an anonymous letter of threat that she can only dare to say no to date him.

The worst thing is that she does not know which of the guys she is dating has sent her these threats. An old friend of her who is a police officer promises to stand up for her in this case and advices her to be careful. He also wants her to continue dating as before, and together trying to find out who is behind the threats. In meanwhile she tries to date as usual and live a normal life. Will she be able to reveal who is behind the threats and should she take them seriously?

Is it someone who is just playing games? Stalking is an interesting and itimidating topic. Have read some thrilles about this topic, and unfortunately this is not one of the best books about the topic from the thriller genre, but rather the opposite.

This was just deadly boring. Good charachter descriptions and you get to know them well, but they are genuinely stupid.

Stine is one of my favorite writers, so it's a pity and a shame that I didn't like this book, and I know he's so much better than this. Therefore, it is hard to say that this book is a flop. Could not even like this main character Lindy. She seemed too selfish and I wasn't able to feel sympathy for her. Feb 04, Bradley rated it did not like it Shelves: MTV is notorious for canceling any halfway decent programming and I'm super obsessed with the show so I felt compelled to read this book.

I shouldn't have read because this book is garbage. I was always more in the Christopher Pike camp rather the R. Stine camp. I'm sure I've read at least one Goosebumps books. Eye Candy is the author's attempt to break free from the teen genre and write for adults There's this really great TV show currently airing on MTV that uses this book as source material.

Eye Candy is the author's attempt to break free from the teen genre and write for adults but it doesn't work. The characters are all one note stereotypes. Lindy, the main character, is the blonde bombshell that doesn't think she's pretty. Of course she lives in NYC with two roommates, a plain Jane type and the party girl. Lindy makes stupid decisions and was quite annoying.

The only reason that this book gets any stars is because of the double twist ending. And I sorta knew that the roommate would be the real stalker because of the single white female alluded to during college flashbacks.

Life is short. There are too many books on my to read shelf and I feel I wasted pages that could have been devoted to another book. May 25, Annabella Kuehn rated it really liked it. The show was better and very different but still good The middle was the best part. Mar 07, Ashley Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I havent read a book by R.

L Stine in months and tbh I didn't know he wrote this. Nov 28, Bayan Allou rated it it was ok. I really thought that it will be a better story.. I don't like it.. It is so not what I expected.

The tv show is way better than the book.. Aug 08, Kez Green rated it really liked it. Hard to keep up with at times as it would start a sentence in the middle of someone's conversation you'll understand if you read it, but it was entertaining and a good thriller. Eye Candy Author: Stine Series or Standalone: Standalone Rating: Growing up, I sat around devouring his Fear Street series along with Goosebumps.

Even now, years later, not having Title: Even now, years later, not having picked up one of his books in a while, I still believe that. Everything he wrote was almost like gold to me back then. So fast forward a whole bunch of years and I happen to come across this show on television called Eye Candy. One that I happened to get sucked into and enjoyed a great deal. The show was very loosely based on this book and honestly, I liked that aspect.But the characters in this were adults, and somehow that makes the lack of character development, common sense, or any kind of rationality harder to swallow.

Feb 12, Sylvester Kuo rated it it was ok Shelves: This awkwardness between them makes the pair question if their friendship can survive its toughest challenge yet. Are you the one? Also, there are some parts that are totally redundant view spoiler [ like Brad ask Lindy out and tell her he is going back to his gf, wtf who cares to know hide spoiler ].

This is no Goosebumps. They are usually less than pages and a scary fun for me. Apr 24, Christa rated it liked it. Eye Candy is about Lindy who is a bit tired of being single.

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