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download Current Affairs PDF - Click Here Free IBPS Clerk Main Mock Test on Dec 28, 29 & 30 Kindly Check Other Capsules. leccetelira.gq IBPS Clerk GK Capsule - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. GK POWER CAPSULE FOR IBPS CLERK MAINS RBI IN NEWS leccetelira.gq News 1) The Reserve Bank of India decided to grant in principle approval to the.

Linking infrastructure projects to the proposed Silk Road raises questions, especially on the possibility of a hegemonic role by China. The CRF raises doubts about loans being managed without conditional clauses. Reservations on the workability and desirability of BRICS-led financial institutions harp on the major role China is supposed to play in their management, mainly because of its disproportionate economic strength as the second largest economy in the world.

This alternative seems to effectively challenge the prevailing order, managed and controlled by advanced countries in the West and led by the US. Which of the following statements is false in the context of the given passage? Answer in the context of the passage. Khalifa Bin Zaye Al Nahyan Li Keqiang Dollars.

During his five-day visit which took place from 12 November to 16 November , Modi participated in G summit at Antalya in to foster the development around bond and equity Turkey and met with Queen Elizabeth II, British Prime issuance, with a strong focus on green infrastructure finance. These indices, to be launched in the first half Modi paid homage at Gandhi Statue in London and met with of , will facilitate investment into ndia s bond markets Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

With this, he became and support market liquidity and pricing. Modi attended the UK- an Indian President. India CEO Forum. The India and the UK announced commercial deals worth 9 billion agreements were signed in the presence of Prime Minister pounds in London. The deals took place between the companies Abdullah Ensour and Indian President Pranab Mukherjee, operating from both the countries and were agreed upon during covering cooperation in the maritime transportation sector the Prime Minister Narendra Modi s visit to the UK.

Indian counterpart to cooperate in ICT and electronics fields, and another between the Jordan Standards and www. The new road, which is close to the Mahatma ceremony held at the University of Jordan to award the Gandhi Road that houses the Indian mission were unnamed so Indian president an honorary doctorate.

It aims to the avoidance of double taxation and for the prevention of bring tropical countries together to tap solar energy. As per the agreement, upon presentation of an official note by the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the visa application, the share a long history of cultural relations over centuries, resident Diplomatic Missions in the host country would, Union Tourism and Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma.

The prestigious approved signing and ratification of Protocol between award recognizes the most powerful and influential business India and Japan for amending the Double Taxation leaders.

The programme applications. The studies honoured with the Sangeet Samman at the ITC Sangeet under the programme will indicate the need for imminent Sammelan beginning on 4 December at the adaptation measures. Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata. Ahmedabad and Jaipur airports. Retail Award in New Delhi. The magazine cited her ratification would contribute to the AIIB reaching the role in Europe s crisis over migration and Greek debt.

New Zealand was the ninth country to formally with the lifetime achievement award at the Dubai become a founding member. The initiative was launched Lake in Shan state. COP21 in Paris. It is also known as Amendment Bill, of Maharashtra. British Pound. The vaccine will help in clean energy revolution across the world. The mission was controlling the child mortality rate under five years of age launched by 20 participating countries, including India, at due to diarrhoea. It was Brazil's third consecutive quarter of watching destination.

The first-of-its-kind festival was contraction starting from January and thus, making it the inaugurated by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav at the National country's longest recession since the s.

The Bill provides powers to Lokpal Adaptation. The announcement was made at the Water to act against any government functionary including those Resilience Focus event held under the Lima to Paris Action of the Centre and in the national capital territory NCT of Agenda on climate change. Its objective is to make water Delhi through its own investigation wing.

On receiving corruption complaints from the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The aircraft has been government or from members of public Janlokpal is empowered to designed by Shenyang Aerospace University and Liaoning investigate an allegation of corruption in the NCT including the General Aviation Academy in northeastern Liaoning province.

Chief Minister s office. It seeks to charges. The new legislation allows government to strip dual reduce interest burden, cost of power and transmission and nationals of their citizenship if they are convicted of terrorism commercial losses.

Consequently, Discom would become offences. The country to launch an online mechanism for its members to occasion saw screening of Navy Telefilm titled send questions and move different motions in the House. Are you? As per the EoI, the company is expected to against Wolfsburg was officially recognised by Guinness World invest 3 million Euros about Rs. Overall, India won 11 medals in the championships that saw participation from 47 nations. The championships were held in Bangkok, Thailand.

India defeated world March by the society s council and will serve for up to number two and defending champions Netherlands by five years. The will take place of the January 1.

From the Grassroots to the UCI. The card comes with free ATM observed globally on 2 December The day is observed access across the world, offers on lounge access, loyalty to focus on the elimination of human trafficking, child labour points on transactions and an air accident insurance of Rs 25 and other forms of modern-day slavery. The Scheme aims at improving the quality of higher China Ltd ICBC have formed a long-term partnership, under education in the country through international which ICBC will become a strategic banking partner to the collaboration.

Initially international faculties will be Tata group. Among other things, the PSL target was increased to been set up by the government. The revised target will be effective from 1 January Against the earlier limit of 25 lakh rupees, loans to other countries.

It is a single rate at specific needs of the Indian learner. Three-tier GST rate structure: Essential Industry DHI. With this approval, Hetero became the first company in of the th birth anniversary year celebrations of Dr.

The coins were issued on his medicines. He breathed his last on 6 December bagged a US military contract for research and Maareech is a Polio Endgame Strategy. The exercise epitomises the strategic relationship between the two nations. He was The bill seeks to establish parliamentarian MAM Ramaswamy passed away on 2 harmonious development of standardization and assessment December in Chennai due to prolonged illness.

He was and quality assurance of goods, processes and services. The report was develop, control, and use atomic energy. It recommended make the Commission a under its zone. The fully air-conditioned double- decker train is the first-of-its-kind in India. The Tribunal www. The World Bank 7. Asian Development Bank 7. United Nations World 7. International Monetary 7.

RBI 7. The MSMEs. The Bank's foundation is built on the lessons of experience of existing FIF: The new FIF will be administered by clean, an ethical organization with zero tolerance for corruption the reconstituted Advisory Board constituted by GOI and will green, an institution built on respect for the environment. Initially the coins will be available in denominations of 5 and 10 grams.

The 20 grams bullion will also be available through MMTC outlets. Eligible investors include individuals, HUFs, trusts, universities, charitable institutions, etc. Minimum investment in the Bond shall be two grams with a maximum downloading limit of grams per person per fiscal year. However, it is the responsibility of the bond holder to comply with the tax laws. There is no maximum limit for deposit under the scheme. The deposit certificates will be issued by banks in equivalence of fineness of gold.

While the former will be accepted by banks on their own account, the latter will be on behalf of Government of India. The government's move comes on the hope that Indians who is said to have an obsession for gold will prefer the national coin over imported ones.

Muslims, with Other religions and persuasions ORP are 0. Herbert and N. Stanislas Wawrinka series taking place in the United States. Warne's Warriors won by 6 wickets Brazil 2nd Match Result: Warne s Warriors. Men s ockey World Cup — India www. Commonwealth Games venues: One day International: England - Olympics Games venues: India - T20 World Cup: Bangladesh Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2.

India Australia - Tokyo Japan Test: Asian Games host cities: England— for first time. Incheon South Korea Note: India - Hanoi Vietnam 1. The campaign was announced with also include connivance of staff. Next Gyan Sangam also employment in India. As per the initiative PM urged 1. It will replace existing system Appointments Board in which electricity. Union Government has launched a seven pronged plan called Composition: The BBB will be a body of eminent Indradhanush Mission to revamp functioning of public sector professionals and shall consist of only one government banks PSBs.

It was launched by Union Finance Minister Arun official. It will be six members body with at least 3 former Jaitley in New Delhi. It will be a body of eminent interference in the functioning of PSBs. Infuse 25, crore rupees of capital into i. Savings Bank SB Account holders between 18 years completed and 50 years.

Home Unit js

Sum Assured of Rs. To develop vibrant debt market for PSBs allocated in the last quarter of Strengthen Closure of account with the Bank or insufficiency of balance asset reconstruction of companies. The savings bank account holders of the participating Bank between 18 years completed and 70 Account can be closed after completion of 21 years.

Total coverage sum-insured under the 2. In the Union Budget , Fiscal deficit seen at how scheme is Rs. How much amount has been allocated for Rural Employment Government co-contribution is available for those who are Guarantee Scheme in the Union Budget ? The benefit of five years of Deficit to be seen in ? How much amount has been allocated for micro-irrigation watershed projects in the Union Budget ? How much amount has been allocated to Infrastructure sector in the Union Budget ?

According to the Union Budget , Visa on arrival for how many countries? AP On which date Union Budget was presented in Parliament? Personal Income Tax limit was not changed in Union Budget What is the present Personal I-T exemption limit?

Health Insurance Premium deduction hiked from Rs. Transport allowance exemption hiked to Rs. What change was made in the Wealth tax? DTC was dropped in the Budget Expand DTC? Mudra banks to be established with capital of Rs. Banks 20 Rs. GAAR implementation deferred by 2 years to? Banks 74 Tax free bonds were proposed in budget for? Cucumber, Musk melon, Watermelon, Bitter gourd etc. Naidu Trophy Junior National Cricket. The Kharif Season: May to July.

September to October. Boko Haram had recently been in the news for the abduction of around Nigerian girls. Groundnut, Jute, Hemp, Tobacco etc. ISIS 2. The Rabi Season: With an aspiration to mobilize the majority of climate during the germination of seed and maturation. The Zaid Season: Pakistan, it forms a part of the various Islamist groups that are ezbollah A Shia ist militant group based in Lebanon, they are active in the Afghan border in Pakistan.

Led by Maulana Fazlullah, considered to be more powerful than the Lebanese army. Muslim Brotherhood: Jammu Summer Srinagar Winter 2. Chandigarh 4. Patna 7. Raipur 8. Vajubhai R. Shanmuganathan Capital: Imphal Shillong Aizawl Kohima Gangtok Agartala Uttar Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh. Tamil Nadu. Durand Line: Mohan Line: Maharashtra 3. Radcliff Line: India and Pakistan www. Line of Control: It divides Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

Male Hidden berg Line: Maginot Line: Older Neisse Line: Mannerheim Line: Russia and Finland border. Siegfried Line: Germany and France. India and Pakistan. Total— members Newly Appointed Governor 2. She will replace Dr Syed 3. Shanmuganathan developing countries for capital programs.

Arunachal Pradesh: He will replace Lt. General Jim Yong Kim Retd. Nirbhay Sharma. Member - South Sudan new member country. Total— 4. General Retd. Nirbhay Sharma has been members transferred and appointed as Governor of Mizoram for the 4.

Tathagata Roy will be the Governor of Tripura. Bretton Woods Conference and formally created in by 6. Shanmuganthan has been appointed as 29 member countries. United States President — 7. Total— 8. European Union — Croatia new member country.

Total— 28 as Governor of Himachal Pradesh. Jean-Claude Juncker 6. Affairs Information and Broadcasting ii. Arjun Bahadur Thapa. Its main functions are to settle legal Countries. Headquarter The Hague, Netherlands. Headquarter — Kathmandu, Nepal — 8 Member Countries. The structure divides the banks into two categories: Formulate, implements and monitors the monetary policy.

Scheduled Banks in India 2 Regulator and supervisor of the financial system: The eligibility criteria exist for scheduled banks: Prescribes broad parameters of banking operations within a The first of which entails carrying on the business of banking which the country s banking and financial system functions. Manages the Foreign b All scheduled banks must maintain a reserve capital of 5 Exchange Management Act, Issues and exchanges or destroys currency and coins not fit for circulations.

Repo Rate 6 Bankers to the Government: Whenever as their banker. The quantitative instruments of RBI are — bank rate policy, credit to its customers. The method which is used currently in India to issue banks can borrow overnight from RBI.

This measure has been introduced by RBI to regulate short-term asset liability mismatches more effectively. Currency chests are operated by RBI so that they can provide good quality currency notes to the public. The cash kept in currency chests is considered to be kept in RBI.

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The bank branches are also authorised to establish Small Coin Depots to stock small coins. The Small Coin Depots also distribute small coins to other bank branches in their area of operation. Nationalisation of 14 Indian scheduled banks in July Joint 1. India's foreign exchange reserves comprise foreign currency A Non-Banking Financial Company NBFC is a company assets, gold and special drawing rights allocated to it by the registered under the Companies Act, engaged in the International Monetary Fund IMF in addition to the reserves it business of loans and advances, acquisition of has parked with the fund.

Register with RBI: B Taxation of Savings Bank Interest rates: A company incorporated under the Companies Act, and Unlike interest on fixed deposits, interest earned on savings bank desirous of commencing business of non-banking financial accounts is not subject to Tax Deduction at Source.

However, this institution as defined under Section 45 I a of the RBI Act, does not mean the interest earned on Savings accounts is should comply with the following: It is exempt upto Rs. C Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, Deposits in NBFC: The interest may be paid or compounded at rests not are given below: They cannot accept deposits repayable on demand.

If any borrower fails to discharge his liability in repayment of any secured debt within 60 days of Brief about RNBC notice from the date of notice by the secured creditor, the a Residuary Non-Banking Company is a class of NBFC which is secured creditor is conferred with powers under the SARFAESI a company and has as its principal business the receiving of Act to deposits, under any scheme or arrangement or in any other a Takes possession of the secured assets of the borrower, manner and not being Investment, Asset Financing, Loan including transfer by way of lease, assignment or sale, for Company.

They cannot accept deposits sale for realizing the secured assets, repayable on demand.

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ATMs set up, owned and operated by non-banks are called money as if sufficient to pay the secured debt. White Label ATMs. The customer should file a complaint with the card issuing bank at the earliest. Commercial Banks: All commercial banks including branches of Q. Are the customers eligible for compensation for delays foreign banks functioning in India, local area banks and regional beyond 7 working days? Effective from July 1, , banks have to pay compensation of Rs.

The compensation are payable in India. The DICGC insures all deposits such as has to be credited to the account of the customer without savings, fixed, current, recurring, etc.

If the complaint is types of deposits. No interest is payable on EEFC accounts. Interest amount of Rs. One lakh. There is no limit — either minimum or maximum — on the amount of funds that could be transferred using NEFT. The RTGS system is primarily meant for large value transactions. The minimum amount to be remitted through RTGS is 3.

There is no upper ceiling for RTGS transactions. Such account can be opened up to a maximum period exchange, or cheque, payable either to order or to bearer. Cheque 2 Tourists can freely make local payments through the NRO It is an instrument in writing containing an unconditional order, account.

The earnings to the account, so that the account holders do not bearer cheque is payable to the person specified therein or to any have to convert foreign exchange into Rupees and vice versa, other else who presents it to the bank for payment. Order Cheque individuals, companies, etc. Such www. A crossed cheque cannot be for filing of complaints relating to certain services rendered encashed at the cash counter of a bank but it can only be credited by banks.

Ante-Dated Cheque against deficiency in certain banking services.

Wheeler Island assumes great significance in view of its strategic location. It has been used as the launching pad for Indias missile defence system. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. A large number of retired army generals, diplomats, writers and academicians attended the book launching ceremony.

The book is the first comprehensive account by a Pakistan foreign minister who contributed in moving the peace process with India forward. This book describes different angles inside the cricketer.

The book explains about the chronology of ancient Indian History. Based on the report of the committee, further changes in the civil services exam pattern would be considered.

Baswan and consists of leading academicians, technocrats and senior bureaucrats. The expert committee will be headed by former planning commission member Mihir Shah. The committee was mandated to suggest ways for optimal development of water resources in the country. Over the past five years, Caribbean countries have had increased access to antiretroviral drugs as part of a regional initiative to eliminate mother-to-child transmission.

The agreement called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action JCPA or Vienna agreement was reached after 17 days of almost uninterrupted negotiations in Vienna Austria involving foreign ministers of seven countries. The change paves the way for the Japanese military to potentially fight abroad for the first time since World War II. But presently it covers the whole of the 28 EU member nations and not just the 19 eurozone members. The agreements were signed in the field of tourism, culture and protocol.

India that has had on the observer status of the group for past 10 years will become a full member of SCO by India Ranked 33rd Most Reputable Nation In The World Canada has been named as the most reputable nation in the world, in a recent survey on how countries are perceived across the world.

The north American country reclaimed the top spot in the Reputation Institutes annual report, which looks at the government, environment and economy of 55 nations. India is ranked 33rd among 55 countries as far as its reputation perceived by people from across the world is concerned.

Its reputation has increased by 7. The agreement will promote transparency on tax matters between the two countries. The newly created week is aimed at encouraging peoples involvement and creating awareness among them about various initiatives launched under the Digital India Programme launched in August The Yojana was approved with an outlay of crore rupees over a period of five years, that is, from to and the allocation for the financial year has been kept at crore rupees.

The programme aims to impart skill training to 24 lakh youth during with focus on first time entrants to the labour market and class 10 and class 12 drop outs. The policy was unveiled in a programme held on the occasion of first-ever World Youth Skills Day. It is the first such policy on entrepreneurship since independence and intended to replace the National Policy on Skill Development The main of the NUHM is to improve the health status of the countrys urban population. The group will set up five solar power units at a cost of 4, crore rupees.

In other hand Odisha With 25 girls being selected, the one-of-its-kind institute will equip students with skills required in army, navy and air force. He was selected for his pioneering research in the field of epigenetics and molecular cell biology. The name was on 1 July announced by the K K Birla Foundation and he is the 24th recipient of the award. He is one of the teachers named by President Barack Obama as recipients of the prestigious award. Sunita Viswanath, the only Indian American to figure in the list, has been selected for her work to encourage Hindus to take care of the environ-ment.

This was his fourth victory of the season and his second of Birtish Grand Prix. With this win, Hamilton became the second British driver since David Coulthard in to post successive wins in the race.

Novak Djokovic of Serbia on 12 July won mens singles title of Wimbledon. It is. Djokovics 3rd wimbledon title and overall 12th mens single Grand Slam title. Womens Singles: Serena Williams US won wimbledon womens singles title. In the final match played she defeated Garbine Muguruza of Spain.

It was 4th edition of the championships. The card is based on the RuPay platform and facilitates the withdrawal and use of the working capital finance by micro entrepreneurs.

As per this agreement, Central Bank of Sri Lanka can draw up to 1. Seven Indian Companies Among Worlds Largest Companies Seven Indian companies were listed among the worlds largest companies in the Fortune Global list for that was released on 22 July.

The list has been topped by Wal-Mart, which retained its top spot. India has secured the second highest position in the Forbes Asia Fabulous 50 list with 10 Indian companies featuring in the list. China secured No 1 position in the list with 25 companies.

The vessel, built by HSL, has a maximum speed of 34 knots and at an economical 14 knots has an endurance of nautical miles. India is the fourth country to offer space-based satellite navigation services to the aviation sector.

India also holds 6th position in terms of the number of reactors in operation in the country. China Successfully Tests 5th Generation Long March Carrier Rocket Chinese scientists have successfully tested the power system of a Long March-5 carrier rocket scheduled for flight in The fifth-generation launch vehicle of the Long March family, has entered a run off phase. The rocket will have a payload capacity of 25 tonnes to low Earth orbits, or 14 tonnes to geostationary transfer orbit, about twice the current capacity.

His tenure will be of three years and he succeeded K Chandramouli whose tenure ended in January He was also known as the Missile Man of India. During his tenure as Chief Scientific Adviser to the Prime Minister from July to December , he led the weaponisation of strategic missile systems and the Pokhran-II nuclear tests, which made India a nuclear weapon state. He was the 11th President on India from to He has been awar-ded with the coveted civilian awards including Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan and the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna During the visit, Visit http: The two leaders reaffirmed their strong commitment towards timely implementation of the strategic Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India TAPI project.

In the visit, India and Turkmenistan signed eight agreements to deepen bilateral cooperation between the two nations. During the visit Narendra Modi had unveiled a bust of Gandhi at a traditional medicine and yoga centre in Turkmenistan capital Ashgabat. With this he broke the previous record of days, nine hours and 41 minutes set by Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev now retired across six missions from to The mega hand washing event was held on 15 October to create awareness about hygiene by washing hands with soap.

The Office will be approximately 2, square feet in size and will be printed layer-bylayer using a foot tall 3-D printer, then assembled on site in Dubai. The Port is supposed to be existed between to AD which makes it Indias oldest ports. Books in News Kashmir: The book focuses on initiatives launched by the Vajpa-yee government between and to restore normalcy in Indias most beautiful but troubled state.

This committee comprises total 14 members and will be headed by RBI executive director Deepak Mohanty. The main aim of this committee will be to review the existing policy of financial inclusion, including customer protection framework and supportive payment system. The committee will be headed by former athlete Ashwini Nachappa and includes Pullela Gopi Chand as a member among others.

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim is an internationally-renowned scientist and biologist. She replaced Kailash Purryag who stepped down as countrys President on 29 May This free-trade zone will cover 26 countries in an area from southernmost tip of African continent i.

The agreement was signed on 10 June in Egypt. The National Assembly approved the appointment of Hwang Kyo-ahn by a vote of Both sides also signed a MoU for cooperation in the field of micro, small and medium enterprises. India US signed Defence Framework Agreement India and the US on 3 June signed a new strategically important year defence framework agreement envisaging joint development and manufacture of defence equipment and technology including jet engines, aircraft carrier design and construction.

According to the agreement enclaves with a total area of 17, India Netherlands Signed Agreements India and the Netherlands on 5 June signed a number of agreements, including to collaborate in building dredgers in India as part of the Make in India initiative and manufacture vaccines against measles and rubella in India. The agreements were signed in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Netherland Mark Rutte in New Delhi after the two leaders held discussions on various issues related to the region and the world.

The tax treaty provides for the framework of avoiding double taxation and prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes so as to promote bilateral economic cooperation. This pool will be the 27th such market pool globally. This insurance pool was launched to address the concerns of the clauses in the CLND Act, which give the operator the Right to Recourse and allow it to sue the suppliers in case of any accident.

It will be implemented as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme and the States and Union Territories UTs are given greater autonomy in execution of the mission. The bill is intended to improve the quality of goods, services and systems in the country.

The approval decision of new policy worth 4, The policy aims at achieving installed capacity of renewable energy of 21, MW by from current installed capacity of 6, MW. The project will be funded by loan. With this the total number of districts included in NCR has risen to This was the 41st G7 summit and the theme for the summit was Think Ahead.

Act Together. The Summit focused on the global economy as well as on key issues regarding foreign, security, environment and development policy. After the talks, the leaders of the G7 committed to raising a billion US dollars fund through public and private sources to combat the rising global temperatures and agreed to implement international mechanisms to bolster global healthcare security by creating a financial instrument at the World Bank to react better to pandemics.

The Summit was attended by all the seven members viz. EC is a permanently welcome participant in all meetings and decision-making since Fukuoka Prize honours those who have made outstanding contributions to academia, arts and culture across Asia. The Sangita Kalanidhi is the highest honour given to Carnatic musicians in India.

The award has been given in recognition to the spiritual leaders contribution in spreading the message of peace in society, inter-mediation in war, reducing stress and combating violence through yoga and breathing exercises.

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna Awards A large number of nominations were received for these awards this year, which were considered by the Selection Committee headed by Mr. Justice V. Bali, former Chief Justice of Kerla High Court and consisting of eminent sportspersons and sports administrators. Based on the recommendations of the Committee and after due scrutiny, the Government has approved to confer Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna Awards for upon the following sportspersons: Name of the sportsperson Discipline 1 Tennis Ms.

Sania Mirza ii. Arjuna Awards S. Poovamma Athletics Mr. Kidambi Srikanth Badminton Nammalwar Mr. Mandeep Jangra Boxing Mr. Rohit Sharma Cricket Ms. Dipa Karmakar Gymnastic Mr. Sreejesh P. Hockey Mr. Manjeet Chhillar Kabaddi Ms. Abhilasha Shashikant Mhatre Kabaddi Mr.

Sawarn Singh Rowing Mr. Jitu Rai Shooting Shri S. Sathish Kumar Weightlifting Mr. Bajrang Wrestling Ms. Babita Kumari Wrestling Ms. Yumnam Sanathoi Devi Wushu. The awardees will receive their awards from the President of India at a specially organized function at the Rashtrapati Bhawan on August 29, In the final match she defeated Lucie Safarova of Czechoslovaki.

This was her third French Open title earlier she had won in , and overall 20th Grand Slam title. Mens Singles: It was his first his first French Open title second grand slam title after Australian Open India stood at the third position in the competition, the best finish so far for India. The reverse repo rate under the LAF stands adjusted to 6. Switzerland became the fifty-second country on 19 November With an expected growth of 7. According to the report China is likely to grow at 7.

The Bank expects developing countries to witness a rise in growth to 5. As per the data, India now accounts for a meagre 0. Indians money in Swiss banks declined by over 10 percent to about 1. This is the first report of complete genome sequence of Tulsi, which is both used as an essential medicinal plant and revered as Vishnupriya and worshipped for over years in India.

The ship will undergo a series of fitment and trial processes along with series of static and dynamic trials before inducting it into the Indian Navy in end With successful completion of construction of INS Vikrant India joins elite group of four nations in the world viz United States, Russia, United Kingdom and France that are capable of designing and constructing aircraft carriers.

He succeeds Michel Jarraud France. He had shared this noble prize with Aaron Ciechanover and Avram Hershko.

His creation Rock Garden of Chandigarh was opened for public on 24 Visit http: January The garden is maintained by the Nek Chand Foundation, formed in Nek Chand was awarded the Padma Shri in Born on 15 December in Shakargarh region, now in Pakistan, Chand immigrated to India with his family and settled in Chandigarh in During the visit,the two sides held talks and signed 22 agreements.

These includes the Land Boundary Agreement, cooperation in maritime safety and agreement to curb human trafficking and fake Indian currency. They smashed the previous record by almost 10, trees. It had been set by an Indian team three years ago.

Bhutans planters gathered in the capital, Thimphu, for their feat, which was confirmed by Guinness World Records on 5 June They believe that it was created about years ago by the ancient Caral civilization.

Nivedita Joshi, daughter of senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi, suffered from a critical ailment some 19 years ago and got fully cured with the help of Yoga. Union government had constituted the highlevel committee in September to restructure the Railways and suggest ways for resource mobilisation.

Recommendations of Bibek Debroy committee: With this win, David Cameron will become Prime Minister for second term. The elections were held on 7 May Conservative Party received Labour Party has won seats with It was adopted in a to 96 vote. It also makes it easier for police to arrest and detain individuals without charge. Liberia was one of the three West African countries at the center of the largest epidemic of Ebola till date since the disease was first reported in The two other countries are Sierra Leone and Guinea.

WHO has hailed Liberias Ebola eradication efforts as an enormous development in the long crisis and monumental achievement as the virus has killed more than 4, people in the country alone.

According to the report, India was placed at th position out of countries. India and China Signed 24 Agreements India and China on 15 May signed 24 agreements to augment bilateral co-operation between the two countries. These agreements include protocol for establishment of consulates in Chengdu and Chennai, agreement on the establishment of sister states Sichuan and Karnataka, action plan between railways of the two countries, MoU on Visit http: India Ranked th On Human Capital Index India was on 14 May ranked at a low th position on a global Human Capital Index, which measures the countries in terms of the economies leveraging their human capital, where Finland has topped the nation list.

Consequently, the bill also seeks to carry out new indirect tax regime in the country that will subsume various central and state levies like sales tax, excise and service tax except taxes on the supply of alcoholic liquor for human consumption and petroleum products. Transition from the traditional taxation to GST will boost Indias growth by up to 2.

The schemes were launched simultaneously at places in the country with Central and State Chief Ministers and senior ministers attending the functions. The fixed minimum monthly pension will be depending on the contributions subscribers. The minimum age of joining 18 years and maximum age is 40 years. Focus of APY To target unorganised sector workers. Eligibility Available any person in the age group of 18 to 50 years having a bank account.

Risk Coverage 2 Lakh rupees in case of death due to any reason. Payment Mode of premium rupees per annum will be directly auto-debited by the bank from the subscribers account. Eligibility Available to any person in the age group 18 to 70 years. Risk Coverage For accidental death and full disability 2 Lakh rupees For partial disability 1 Lakh rupees.

Payment Mode of premium 12 rupees per annum will be directly auto-debited by the bank from the subscribers account in case of long-term option. It was earlier passed by the Lok Sabha on 11 May According to the new Bill those who conceal income and assets, and indulge in tax evasion in relation to foreign assets can face rigorous imprisonment of up to 10 years.

They will also be liable to face a penalty of per cent of taxes on the concealed income and assets. This hour channel is initially in Hindi and is dedicated to agriculture and allied sectors of India. It seeks to disseminate real-time inputs to farmers on new farming techniques, water conservation and organic farming among other information. The ISP houses the largest blast furnace of India.

It seeks to provide potable water to bus passengers at reasonable price. In this regard, state government will install water ATMs at most of the bus stations which will provide potable water at the rate of 1 rupee per litre and cold water at 2 rupees per litre. The conference discussed the issue related to the status of Nuclear Energy in India. India is on course to double its nuclear power generation capacity to more than 10, mega watts MW over the next five years i.

Nuclear power plants account for 3. The award was presented in Latvia on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day in recognition of the work he has carried out in Syria for more than ten year as a human rights defender and a journalist.

The Florence Nightingale Award was established by the Union Health Ministry to honour the selfless services rendered by Nurses with devotion, sincerity, dedication and compassion. He was announced the winner at an award ceremony at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on 20 May The prize, worth 60,, is awarded every two years for an achievement in fiction on the world stage. The Man International Booker Prize is awarded to a living author of any nationality who has published fiction either in English or in English translation.

Mayweather earned a mind-boggling Rs. She defeated Carla Suarez Navarro of Spain. Djokovic defeated Roger Federer of Switzerland. This was the second title triumph for Mumbai Indians after their maiden win back in According to the list, India is home to 56 of the worlds largest and most powerful public companies. The list is topped by US companies , followed by China companies and Japan companies.

Reliance Industries, the topmost India company is ranked on the list, down from last years th spot. Initially, the card will be issued free to customers maintaining a quarterly balance of rupees.

Arundhati Bhattacharya ranked 30th on the list, followed by Kochhar on the 35th spot, Mazumdar-Shaw 85 and newcomer on the list Bhartia is on the 93rd spot. The worlds most powerful woman in the list is German Chancellor Angela Merkel who fetched the first spot. It plunged to the Mercurys surface at around kmph, creating a crater up to 52 feet wide.

The missile flight test met all flight parameters, including high-level manoeuvres. It also hit the designated land- based target with the desired accuracy. He will have of five year term after the bank becomes operational within one year.

He was conferred with Padma Bhushan Award in As per the agreement, India got the right to nominate the first president. Following are newly appointed Governors: He was appointed in September His tenure will end in September Nirbhay Sharma, who was serving as Governor of Arunachal Pradesh since May, , was transferred and appointed as Governor of Mizoram for the remainder of his term, which ends in He is the eighth Governor of the state since He was appointed as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 29 September as replacement of former AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa, who resigned after being convicted in the 18 year old disproportionate assets case of over 66 crore rupees.

She was awarded a four year prison term by Bangalore Special Court after it found her guilty of amassing unaccounted wealth. The novel had sold over 3.

In the visit, India and China signed 24 agreements Visit http: In the visit, Narendra Modi announced electronic or e-visas for Chinese tourists. Both the countries will also establish Additional Consulate General. Both the countries have also agreed to establish China-India think tank forum and three sister cities.

The previous world record was 92m, set for a triptych by British artist Francis Bacon again at Christies in Picassos painting depicts nude and semi-nude women and is part of a work series the artist created between Tunisian national flag of the size of 19 football pitches was unfurled in a bid to set a Guinness World Record and promote patriotism in the face of Islamist extremism.

The flag of , square metre was made using 80 kilometres of fabric and weighed arounf Hamid Ansari on 1 May Confucius was considered as the most efficient author in Chinese history. Book has been written by Poonam Surie. The committee will be chaired by under former finance secretary Vijay Kelkar and submit its report within a period of 3 months from the date of its Constitution. The Kelkar committee will review the PPP policy and suggest a better risk-sharing mechanism between private developers and the government after analysing such projects in different.

Highlights of Union Budget Three Key achievements:Mumbai- Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor along with technology. Shanmuganthan has been appointed as 29 member countries. Payment Mode of premium rupees per annum will be directly auto-debited by the bank from the subscribers account. It aims at highlighting connectivity in the sub-region and seamless movements of vehicles across the borders in the 4 nations through implementation of BBIN Motor Vehicles Agreement MVA.

Asian Games host cities: MICR used for electronic credit ratio means better operating efficiency of the bank because on system. The moment is here for which you all have been waiting for. T to help people with autism. Indias exports to China are expected to grow by around 14 per cent a year in the decade to As per the announcement, all the eligible athletes will be able to compete for the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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