Read the official handbook "Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new the book at least once and completing all available practice tests to pass the test with . This life in the UK test is provided to familiarise you with the format of the official test. You are advised to study . I read the book and had a practice test book too. Ensure you are fully prepared for your Life in the UK test with the only official Life in the United Kingdom Four Book Package Deal Other formats: PDF.

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Post by amolrakheja» Tue May 20, pm i have got the PDF for life in the UK test but as the book its 48 mb in pdf, its not possible to send it through. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Life in The UK 3rd Edition / PDF Guide Book Test Questions & Answers at the best. The only way to book and pay for your test is online. If you want you can get the guide on PDF, Audio CD and for your site. .. I have booked my life in the Uk test for 15th November but just noticed that I have filed in.

Really good tips, I am sitting my test next week: I hope I can pass. I found this site super helpful also http: Good luck with your test next week! Thanks for sharing it here! Do you think you could post it in the main post!?

I know it is a big ask but she would be so happy and http: I will show her: It seems like your friend is using another website's design, already mentioned here.

I think it would not be fair to add uktestpass, when the original lifeintheuktests. Try http: At http: For example if you want to practice chapters 1 and 2, which are the shorstest, you can take this test http: Thanks for this article Nathan, it is very helpful. Good luck with your blog! You should have a look at the website http: This is really good.

I got so much support from when I was preparing for my test as well. I wrote a previous post on it as well. A Guide for New Residents handbook.

The book covers a range of topics you need to know to pass your test. Order book from https: You will be asked 24 different questions. There are 4 types of question in the test.

Life in the United Kingdom test

Take the actual questions and pass first time! It has been 10 years since the test was introduced and despite many negative feedback it has manage to survive with some minor amends I said minor but not sure if it can be called minor: I would like to give credit to http: Now there are plenty alternatives free and commercial. Even TSO noticed the gap and put the 'Official' version of practice test: I am writing to you concerning your blog post about your experience passing the Life in the UK test.

I am currently in the process of conducting research for my dissertation, which is an exploration into the relationship between English language and British citizenship.

Due to these research aims, I am particularly interested in speaking to people who have either taken the test or are preparing to take the test. I was wondering if you would be interested in allowing me to interview you about your experience? In order to use the data for my dissertation I would need to have a chat with you for around minutes and record it. Please do let me know if this is something you believe you would be interested in. I would be sincerely grateful if you could assist me in my research in any way possible.

Just took the test myself. All questions are the best!

I did everything you recommended and passed the test easily. Some questions were a little tricky, especially about dates but I managed.

Reading the book and doing online practice tests is the best way to study in my opinion. Also wanted to share the website that I used for online tests https: Yours sincerely, Jayesh. Thanks for sharing the online test you found helpful in studying for the test. I did my test today July in a centre in London.

I got to the venue pm for my 6pm test.

This is to ensure I am already there. I planned to get to the venue say 45 minutes prior, so I left just after 5pm. The most obvious was door 4 and I hoped I would then other door numbers behind this door. Indeed, all room numbers were there. I was a little relieved until….

Reception room — this is very similar to what Nathan said above. They asked you and you got to tell your own details verbally to the officer. Probably of the cosmopolitan nature of what the centre is, the conversation was very quick. The exact sequence is — I handed over my ID, as I thought this is most likely the starting point so might as well hand it to him to start.

He took it and asked for my name. I said my complete name. That was no problem. Then your date of birth. No problem. Then he asked for proof of address. The one on the top has my firstnames as initials. The one below that has them fully printed. He asked for my postcode. He handed the papers back to me. He then said a few things in quick succession and I struggled to follow my head was trying to zone in to the test, not a verbal interview! I think I paused a little just to ensure I understood and looked at what he handed to me — ok I got it.

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So I went to the locker room, just before I got there, another officer said to me if the locker was too small for my belonging, I could come back to the reception and leave my bag there. At the locker room, the locker was indeed too small. So recalling what the first officer told me about mobile phone and watch, I thought I sort out these items by turning the phone off and put both item into the bag. I went back to the reception to put my belonging down, and the second officer said you could lock my valuable in the locker, and I thought keep it simple, leave them in my bag.

So I went in. What annoyed me a little was that as I enter, the staff instructed me to sit at the desk nearest the door. I am not one who likes maximum exposure but I thought I am not going to argue about it and sat down. I noticed on the screen several names appeared on screen, one of them was mine.

The selected my name and logged in with their own login information and gave me some brief information. I was hoping to settle down and do some practice tests leading to that. But not going to happen. I felt the occasion is running away from me; so I took a chance to ask the staff a question in order to settle myself down, any question will do, a human contact at this point can help! So I asked if there were practice questions when I clicked start. The staff said yes, and that instructions will be on screen.

I better not give too much detail away. In any case, the screen has all the instructions about the test. There was practice questions 4. There were buttons to clear your choice to enter again for each question. Another very good thing I found is that there is an audio playback button which reads the question and available choices to you.

Since I got the headphone on, I thought I will use the audio playback button to pace my test. That means, apart from visually reading the question, the audio option makes sure I really got the question and not reading things into the question. The audio is very clear, recording of real humans reading the question.

So, my flow is, go to next question, click audio, and follow through, then read the questions as many times through as I want, and then make my choice. You can also flag each question so that you have a visual cue on question numbers that you can go back to later. I did the questions in the sequence they were laid out. Once I completed, I went back to the flagged ones and checked many times over.

By this time I am about 8 minutes in, and hey I have plenty of time, why rush. After this, I went back to Q1 and checked through all questions. So be absolutely sure you want to proceed. I was getting to the point I was sick of the questions so better submit it. The instruction at the start of the test was that when you complete, you should stand up quietly without affecting others in the room, and proceed to the reception room for your test results. The test room was small and I knew the staff would soon notice my screen that I had completed, and indeed the staff came over to say proceed back to reception, so I did.

At this point I did not know my result. When I got back to the reception room, sat down, gave my ID to the officer, he remembered my name, he looked at the screen and said something like great you passed.

I did that. He then handed the paper to me. That was it. I passed. Quickly glanced over the paper, it does not show my score, only that I passed. On the way out, I chatted to something coming out with a result paper to double check if there was a score. My feeling is that half of this I might have got wrong.

However, coming away and checking on the materials on 2 of these questions I managed to remember, I got them correct. Out of the remaining 5 I now could not recall, if I did wrongly in 3, and did wrongly in the remaining questions I knew were correct, then I could have done 4 wrong.

Another aspect is that I found 1 question that I have not read about in the sense that I probably missed the detail in the book. All other questions were within areas I had read.

This is not tricky as some of the practice tests on the web.


On the whole, I find the 24 questions much more straightforward then some of the practice tests. It could be very different with your test. By the time I left the building, it was still before 6pm. I got more excited at this stage I got through this stage.

I agree, the questions are straightforward. If you study the official book well, you will pass.

Thank you for sharing your experiences here for others! I like to know as much about things before I do them. I created this blog post to share my experiences. With your experiences added, visitors can get a very good picture of what to expect when they take their test. Please see this link here — http: In order to prepare for this UK citizenship test, I started searching for various sites across the web and got some references from my friends too.

Fortunately, I encountered Citizenpaper http: Here are the topics included in the study guide:. I would have to agree with you. I am from Australia and I was looking into getting citizenship in the UK — various factors really — job and my wife is Northern Irish. So I was looking for some really good websites where I could look at the study materials and practice the tests online.

So I found the website http: The layout is superb and was a seamless transition from start to finish. Thanks to this website, I had actually passed my citizenship test.

Would totally recommend it to people out there. Hi,my name is Mahipal Singh. Test can I use earphone to hear the question what is given on the screen. I don't recall if we were given the option to use headphones. The official website https: I believe they would need to provide an audio option, for visually impaired people taking the test. Hello Nathan, thank you so much for all your tips, I feel better knowing what to expect.

I have my Life in the UK test next week and i have been practicing with http: I am not sure what the Home Office has to make the test so hard, I mean how much information can we memorize? But you passed your test, so wish me good luck!

You are welcome. I like to know what to expect before doing things and wanted to help others with this post. I agree, it is better to over prepare. Good luck for your test next week! If you have been reading from the official book and taking practice tests and doing well then you will be fine!

Thanks Nathan. Hi Khan. Register now to unlock more features and pass first time. You have failed the test. Practice by doing more tests. You have passed the test. Try more tests. Life in the UK Test 1 Time limit: Quiz-summary 0 of 24 questions completed Questions: Find out more about the test This life in the UK test is provided to familiarise you with the format of the official test.

You have already completed the quiz before. Fear of the unknown is something that is faced by everyone, particularly during exams. One way of calming those examination jitters is to have a clear idea of what will be expected of you during the exam; and what better way for you to conquer that fear than to get advice from people who have already taken the test and passed?

This was good as I felt more prepared for the exam. I almost wanted harder questions to justify all my effort in studying! I guess you will never know the questions you might get in the actual exam.

The practice questions are designed to help candidates become well-equipped in answering the actual exam questions. Getting good scores in the practice tests will greatly boost your confidence because you know that you will sit the exam fully prepared. Some questions require more than one correct answer.

We highly advise you to read the questions carefully and determine first what kind of response is required by the question before deciding on an answer.

Take your time when answering the questions. Read the questions carefully before selecting an answer. After all, you will be given 45 minutes to finish only 24 items. Do not rush your way through the exam and make the most out of the time you are given.Lifeintheuktestweb has been created as a free source to help migrants prepare for the British Citizenship test. It could be very different with your test. I raised my hand and was given a number 3. Take your time when answering the questions.

Good luck with your ILR application. The test room was small and I knew the staff would soon notice my screen that I had completed, and indeed the staff came over to say proceed back to reception, so I did.

I noticed on the screen several names appeared on screen, one of them was mine. It has large displays of artifacts from the Bronze and Iron age.

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