Agile Web Application Development with Yii and PHP5: Fast-track your web application development by harnessing the power of the Yii PHP Framework. Yii Application Development Cookbook will show you how to use Yii efficiently. You will learn about implementing shortcuts using core. Yii Application Development Cookbook and millions of other books are available for .. Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App.

Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook Download

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Yii Application Development Cookbook - Third Edition x.x versions using useful examples from real web applications Book Description Yii is a free, open source web application development framework written in . Available for download, 0. [email protected] ยท Download Example Code Yii Application Development Cookbook will show you how to use Yii efficiently. You will learn about. Today Pack Publishing announced the second book about Yii so I think I can me the RAW ebook version to download it, but I already contacted them. download ' Yii Application Development Cookbook' with 'Agile Web.

Being extremely performance optimized, Yii is a perfect choice for any size project.

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However, it has been built with sophisticated, enterprise applications in mind. You have full control over the configuration from head-to-toe presentation-to-persistence to conform to your enterprise development guidelines.

It comes packaged with tools to help test and debug your application, and has clear and comprehensive documentation. This book is a collection of Yii2 recipes.

Each recipe is represented as a full and independent item, which showcases solutions from real web-applications. So you can easily reproduce them in your environment and learn Yii2 fast and without tears.

All recipes are explained with step-by-step code examples and clear screenshots. Yii2 is like a suit that looks great off the rack, but is also very easy to tailor to fit your needs.

Virtually every component of the framework is extensible. It turned out Alex produced a book that is not only full of wisdom about how to use Yii effectively, but also presented in such a systematic way that it can be taken as an essential companion book to the definitive guide to Yii. In fact, Alex has successfully intrigued the interest of every member in the Yii developer team when he asked for review and comments on his newly finished book chapters. As the founder and the lead developer of the Yii framework, I feel this book is a must-read for every Yii programmer.

While this book does not describe directly the rules set by Yii, it shows how to program with Yii from a practical perspective.

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People who are driven by tight project schedules will find this book very handy as it gives ready-to-use solutions to many problems they may face in their projects; people who are already familiar with Yii will also find this book very informative as most problem solutions given in the book can be considered as officially recommended because they have undergone thorough review of every Yii developer team member.

Alex, through this book and his active participation in the Yii project, proved himself to be a great programmer as well as a good writer. It has become a solid base for many exciting web applications such as Stay.

Yii is an object-oriented, high-performance, component-based PHP web application framework. Yii is pronounced as Yee and is an acronym for "Yes It Is!

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Familiar with Yii and want to exploit it to its full potential, but do not know how to go about it? Yii 1.As most of the Kohana classes are there, it is reasonable to make this a default.

The second edition fixes all errata found in the first edition and also features new recipes on the client side, HTTP caching, and using Composer with Yii. It has already become a solid base for many exciting web applications such as Stay.

The chapters of the book are generally independent and since this book's goal is to enhance a practical approach to Yii development, you can start reading from the chapter you need most, be it Ajax and jQuery, Database, Active Record, and Model Tricks, or Extending Yii. Now you can get everything with O'Reilly Online Learning.

Kohana 3 relies on autoloading and has a very special naming convention.

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