Love Systems Routines Manual VOLUME 1 - Free ebook download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. What's the secret to mastering. Volume Sample Pack . new Love Systems Routines Manual Volume 2, with hundreds .. Follow–On 1: “So, obviously I need to cut her loose but I. The popularity of the Love Systems Routines Manual Volume 1 prompted us to write this second volume to help you further build an effective arsenal of material .

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Love Systems Routines Manual (Vol 1 AND Vol 2). Awesome! This ebook is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I'd say it is on par with the. Guys, take a look at these: Vol Sample Pack: media/pdf/ Vol 2. Sample Pack. download Love Systems Routines Manual: Volume 1 by Savoy (eBook) online at Lulu. eBook (PDF), Pages Available in PDF Format.

Next you need intimacy. Then you need commitment. Now, all relationships are based on varying degrees of each one of these elements. Like a one night stand or something… nothing more, nothing less…. If you have just intimacy, but no passion or commitment, then that would be just friendship.

And we all have those…. If you have just commitment, but no passion or intimacy, then that would be an empty relationship. Like a lot of married people out there… so sad. Then you can have passion and intimacy, but no commitment. And you can have passion and commitment, but no intimacy. That is like people who stay together because they really like the sex. And you can have intimacy and commitment but no passion. And of course the ideal, as with all things… is about balance, where you can have just the right amount of passion, just the right amount of intimacy, and just the right amount of commitment… well… now that I think about it, an extra little bit more passion would be nice… What do you think?

The Shadow and the Rising Sun Like the previous routine, this one is long and somewhat heavy. What is necessary is to convey the main themes. Here, it is that she can let out what she is repressing. And how opposites are really the same thing And then I remembered something that a psychologist friend of mine said once He said that everyone has a Shadow This is that part of you that you hide from the rest of the world The Shadow is a good thing, he believed Now, this sense of balance is very important because the concept that whatever you repress grows and begins to spill over into other parts of your life.

If your shadow is repressed it grows and grows Jung said it was like the rising sun This was the concept behind mid—life crisis. Now what if you were to step into your shadow right now, and see the world through the eyes of your shadow….

What would that say about the person that you are now vs. What is it… that this shadow most wants and desires right now? What do you deserve to enjoy now in your life? Comfort is the longest and probably most difficult phase of the Emotional Progression Model. Chapter 9 of Magic Bullets provides a great overview of different approaches to build comfort. The best training for this comes from either a full bootcamp, which is heavy on Attraction and Comfort drills and live practice in restaurants, bars, and clubs, or from the innovative new one-day Breakthrough Comfort seminars.

Breakthrough Comfort is a rapid form of comfort-building designed by Sinn and Future that builds a very deep emotional connection very quickly. However, there are good ways and there are awkward ways to do this. You can also slip in little elements into getting her phone number that are specifically designed to make her more likely to answer the phone when you call, to create call-back humor opportunities for the first phone conversation, or to make her more likely to see you again.

This is one of those elements of Love Systems which is very subtle but also very important. We should continue this conversation some other time. These can either be plans for that night; for example, you could be telling a woman about a party or another venue where you and your friends are going that you could invite her to.

You will to do some work on the phone re-establishing attraction and qualification levels as well as reconfirming her comfort with you before most women will see you again. Still, making such plans provide a good path to getting her phone number. I was going to check out to check out the Rodin exhibit at the art museum on Sunday. You can come along if you want. This concept, with examples, is explained in Chapter 4 Attraction routines , especially the Stripper Name routine.

Use her picture to create call-back humor. If she drew a stick figure, tease her for this for a second. When you call her, you can say something like:. I have a picture here of a stick figure. She has big ears though. Anyway, it had this number attached to it so I thought I would call. Having to explain who you are to an answering machine is a very weak move. To create call-back humor, tell her to program your name as something specific when she puts you in her phone, ideally something that relates to an enjoyable moment you shared.

The routines in this section make bolder moves in this direction. Traditionally, we use these longer sexual routines later in the Comfort phase. However, feel free to try them earlier if you sense, or just want to test for sexual interest on her part. We often do this. This routine is also useful for laying the groundwork for a threesome. And the straight guys liked the men with women, and of course they liked the women with women, too. Make no excuses for being turned on by two women together.

Smile and keep going. The inner essence of a woman is just there Another great aspect of this routine is that if she senses that you are good with women, and can help make threesomes happen in a way that makes her feel comfortable, you can stand out in her mind when compared to other men who may be pursuing her. Threesomes are surprisingly common and attainable with the right approach.

Secret Sex Toys This routine can only be used once you and a woman have been talking for a while and she is comfortable with you. Grab her purse and say:. I bet I know what you got in here, you pervert. Be sure to be smiling the whole time. Then open her purse and start taking stuff out.

Everything you take out of the purse, accuse her of using it as a sex toy. For example, if she had lipstick in her purse: I knew it… This may look like a normal tube of lipstick but I know that this is actually a vibrator.

This is that pocket rocket thing everyone is talking about. Shake your head suspiciously. She will usually laugh. Keep going, if the next item is a compact, say something like this: I know what this is… This is that new square vibrator dildo right? Yeah I heard about this thing. I know you are a freaking perv. Continue pulling things out of her purse until the routine gets stale.

She may try to grab her purse back, which is a great opportunity to tease her and play-fight. This leads to more touching, which is a good thing, of course. Kissing The following routines are designed to take the unpredictability and awkwardness out of going for the first kiss.

Look away for a moment, then look back. She will likely have the same look. I have an insane sense of smell. She should come closer. A variation on this routine is to go directly to the next routine, Almost Kiss instead of kissing her immediately. Try both approaches to see which is more comfortable for you. Almost Kiss This routine was developed independently but in very similar forms both by Future and by Brad P.

The version below combines both approaches. Now this is a trust exercise as well as being fun. You are going to get as close as possible, but you are not allowed to kiss me. And I am not allowed to kiss you. Then move in. And do exactly what you said to do. There is an art to this.

Move close, but do not make her think you are going to try to kiss. Your lips should be close enough that you can feel each other breathe. Do not try to kiss her. If you get any resistance from her, do not force the issue.

Playfully push her away and move onto another topic or routine. Two minutes or so later, say: Once you do almost kiss her, you can safely move in for another one by just saying you want it.

Simplicity Going for the kiss can be very simple. Such as:. The Sudden Kiss If you sense strong attraction and sexual tension, grab her and kiss her, suddenly, when she least expects it.

The more the kiss appears spontaneous and unplanned, the better: OK look, this is the forbidden zone here. Point to her lips and cover them with your fingers or your hand. The forbidden, and giving into temptation, are powerful sexual triggers for many women.

Text Messages Text messaging SMS is a very valuable tool to help you stay in touch with a woman and see her again. Texts allow quick initial contact after the initial meeting without the risk of showing too much interest. They allow frequent contact without having to escalate into a full phone call and make it really easy for her to respond and continue the emotional momentum. These messages are great to send a little while after you met her, later that day or night.

I mean… I barely know you, maybe we should wait! I wanna tuck you in and tell you a bedtime story! Phone game and text game is a crucial component of dating science. If you ever plan to go on a date or see a woman more than once, you will need phone and text skills. Even if you plan to focus on one night stands, good phone and text game will still be necessary to meet up with a woman after everyone has started to go home.

Chapter 7 Seduction Once you have passed through the Attraction, Qualification, and Comfort phases, you are ready for the final stage of intimacy: If you have been effective up to this point and have steadily increased the level and intensity of the physical contact between you, the Seduction phase should usually be straightforward.

Sometimes a woman will want to be intimate but wants you to work harder. Here are two of our favorites:. We have to take it slow. I need more time. I should totally not be taking your bra off… Whoops. Still, you can get in trouble for what you write, and so, with apologies to the overwhelming majority of readers for whom this is beyond obvious, allow us to clarify that: Communication is your friend.

I am really attracted to you, but I understand… We can wait. Stop escalating. Have a fun conversation with her. Start the touching again in a few minutes. Your genuineness and sensitivity to the situation may cause her to reassess what she wants and she will often change her mind. Fortunately, we can point you to two outstanding resources. One is Chapter 10 of Magic Bullets a book you should have anyway which goes over the entire avoid-blur- distract model to state breaks and thereby pre-empting a lot of late-stage discomfort from a woman.

The other is two masters, Sinn and Tenmagnet, giving their specific strategies and step-by-step plans to move from the Comfort phase into a physical relationship. As mentioned at the beginning of this book, the routines here should not be used robotically but more as examples and as a starting point to build your arsenal of original material. Internalize the underlying mechanisms of proven routines and create your own style so that you are also able to improvise and develop material spontaneously.

All the best practitioners use a mix of practiced routines and improvisation. In this chapter, we will go step-by-step to give you structures to design routines for each effective phase of the game. Opening You really can start a conversation by saying just about anything.

Pick a type of opener that best suits your personality and the situations you find yourself in. Experiment with all the different types of openers and see how you do. Step 1: Hook - Ask a short question, preferably on a female- friendly topic. Step 2: Tease Their Answer - Improvise off of what they say, tease her, do a quick cold read Chapter 3 , or just find something interesting and unique about it and comment.

Step 3: Story - Tell the story why you asked the original question to make the opener more believable, give them more information about the subject, and elicit more conversation. Opening Topics A safe bet when approaching women who are by themselves or in all-female groups is to choose topics that are known to be generally interesting to women.

Three of the best are:. The angle should be that you are wanting to hear what a woman thinks about the situation. Make sure you have a reason to be asking the question.

In contrast, on a trip to Australia, Sinn and The Don came up with: Is he some kind of hero to you people or is it a joke like in the US? This type of Transition is based to a large extent on cold reads, which we discussed in Chapter 3.

Barnum is the observation that individuals will give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically for them, but are in fact vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people. The Forer effect can provide a partial explanation for the widespread acceptance of some pseudosciences such as astrology and fortune telling, as well as many types of personality tests.

In , psychologist Bertram R. He invited each of them to rate the analysis on a scale of 0 very poor to 5 excellent as it applied to themselves: He then revealed that each student had been given the same analysis which had been assembled from horoscopes:. While you have some personality weaknesses you are generally able to compensate for them.

You have considerable unused capacity that you have not turned to your advantage. Disciplined and self—controlled on the outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure on the inside. At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing.

You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. But you have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others. At times you are extroverted, affable, and sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, and reserved.

Some of your aspirations tend to be rather unrealistic. Read and learn the above paragraph. Virtually every sentence is a starting point for a quality cold read. These themes can also be useful in longer, comfort-building routines. Attraction routines should generally be short, and have a quick, immediate effect on a woman.

Some reliable sources of material for creating Attraction routines include:. Most of these are useless. In the Resources section of this book Chapter 10 we list some of the exceptions which Love Systems students have found useful in the past.

Write down funny one-liners and pieces of material that you think up or hear, and use these when meeting women. Re-use the ones the work well. Eventually you will have a whole repertoire of jokes that you know work well through trial and error. Humor is often learned in a non—logical, instinctual way. You should also pay attention to other funny people and learn from their choice of conversational content and mannerisms.

Read widely, and keep your eyes open for material that could make a good routine. Psychology Today and Mental Floss are two magazines that are good for finding interesting factoids and topics.

Turn these into tests and observations that can be delivered quickly. No one is expecting professional advice from a stranger in a bar. Teasing Teasing can create attraction because you appear not to be pursuing a woman while simultaneously doing things to attract her. Err on the side of having her be in on the joke rather than being insulting or making her feel uncomfortable.

The list of potential topics is endless. Use the examples from Disqualification and Teasing Chapter 4 as a guide for constructing these.

This applies just as much to stories told in the Attraction phase as it does to teases, games, and the like. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we have included the very comprehensive storytelling manual from Magic Bullets as Chapter 9 of this book, which gives a step-by-step guide to both Attraction and Comfort stories. Comfort The Comfort phase is usually the longest of the first six phases of the Emotional Progression Model.

The key emotions a woman should feel during this phase include:. Connection Especially early in the Comfort phase, your routines should be primarily focused on building a connection. You are still getting to know one another. The goal is to do this on a deeper emotional level and share the important details about your lives without the conversation becoming stale or mechanical i.

The Truth Game in Chapter 5 is a great tool for doing this, but anything that gets her to reveal intimate facts and feelings so that you can reciprocate is good. Or, conversely, you can tell a story in order to cue her to reveal something about herself as well.

Also, look for commonalities shared interests, experiences, etc. Trust The next part of the Comfort phase is building trust and feeling that there is a special connection between you and her.


Acknowledge that you both feel an unusually tight bond and that she has somehow captured your attention. This can help her trust you and show that you are not just another guy looking for sex.

You can also judiciously demonstrate vulnerability - there are some great examples of this in the Comfort chapter Chapter 6 - to show that you trust her with your feelings. Make sure that you do this without jeopardizing the image she should have of you by now as a high-value confident man.

Intimacy Toward the end of the Comfort phase, you need to put greater emphasis on having her feel open to increased intimacy, and, ultimately, sex. Seduction As noted in Chapter 7, the Seduction phase of the Emotional Progression Model does not necessary lend itself to a large number of routines. The avoid-blur-distract model for dealing with state breaks is covered in Chapter 10 Seduction of Magic Bullets. The unpracticed use of routines in the Seduction phase can actually be dangerous.

If you say something in the Seduction phase that does not sound genuine, you may destroy your chances with a woman. Any Seduction routines that you create will usually be highly situation-specific and designed to avoid or distract a woman from specific state breaks. If you understand how this works, you will be able to say or do the right thing. A Final Note Other routine types and conversational elements qualifiers, statements of interest, role-playing, cold reads, etc.

Allow yourself the freedom to be spontaneous. Qualify her based on something she says, not just with a canned line.

Create a role-playing scenario unique to where and who you are. Say what comes to your head naturally and see what happens. Study the routines in this book and then learn to improvise and follow your instincts. You will improve with practice. You must be able to build your own routines. There is no way around this. We hope that there is enough in this book to more than get you started.

We also did an interview on using and creating routines, which makes an excellent companion to this book.

The Routines Manual Vol. 2

For more advanced training, we recommend either a Love Systems bootcamp which is important to do anyway or a routines consultation. A consultation is a one-day, one- on-one session where you work directly with an instructor like one of us to build, refine, and organize your own personal routines.

What Is Storytelling? Storytelling is a crucial tool in your arsenal, especially in the Attraction and Comfort phases. There are three ways to make this happen: Storytelling fits mostly into the third option as it allows you to tell a woman almost anything you want about yourself. See Chapter 7 Attraction of Magic Bullets. These qualities also show her that you are able to feel and convey emotion. Storytelling in the Comfort phase can help build a meaningful connection with a woman.

Stories provide a great opportunity for her to get to know you better and should encourage her to tell you about herself as well. What stories you tell and how you tell them gives a woman great insight into your personality. Make sure that your stories and their delivery reflect the best part of you, your values, and your identity. When I am telling stories, I focus on six key elements:. Commanding attention is especially important in the Attraction phase, when.

A hook line can be a statement or a question. Some examples:. In theory, the hook line should be related to the story you are going to tell.

Consider the following dialogue between two people who already know each other:. Not bad. A bit tired; my plane was stuck on the runway for two hours this afternoon. I had to go to New York for the day [bait]. The flow The main content of the story should flow naturally. Some people advocate writing your stories out word-for-word.

But try both approaches and see what works best for you. Storytelling to women is about emotions.

Love Systems Routines Manual Pdf

Remove unnecessary logical or factual detail. You only want the minimum amount of non-emotional content to make your story make sense; additional detail must serve a specific purpose e. Embedded information Embedding means using a story that appears to be about one subject to subtly tell listeners about something else. Thus, what you are actually trying to communicate to her is not the main point of the story. I think I know what it is now. I did a show there last week and afterwards a bunch of us went on a helicopter tour.

It was really beautiful and all, but the weird thing was all the satellite dishes on the roofs. It was like a sea of little white patches, like the skyscrapers had all grown mold. So I figured it out. Theoretically, the story is about how satellite dishes look like mushrooms from the sky. But the point of this story is the embedded information:.


This implies status, and potentially wealth, two attraction triggers. In reality, it can be a trade show for all that it matters at this stage. To most women, this implies wealth, and possibly status.

Go take one so you can tell stories about it. Create your own stories with embedded information for the Attraction phase. Start by thinking of events or situations from your own life that relate to any of the characteristics universally attractive to women.

Then, figure out a larger context in which you could tell a story in which that information would be an incidental detail, but would fit naturally within the story. There are a virtually unlimited number of ways to embed information. To get you started, here are some phrases or lines that could fit into larger contexts and imply good things about you:.

I had a show there last week and afterwards a bunch of us went on a helicopter tour. The more striking the embedded information, the more powerful the story embedding it must be. Open Threads Another good advanced tactic is to leave open threads for your audience to ask about, to spur further conversation or to advance the story. She may ask you what you do for a living, or what kind of show you did in New York. If you are a performing artist, you can talk about this without appearing to be bragging as long as it is done in response to a direct question.

Maybe you were at a charity event or seeing your favorite band. Maybe your company sent you on an emergency trip or you were closing a deal or meeting with investors. Something relevant to you. Passing up easy opportunities to make yourself look good in response to her questions can actually come across as a positive characteristic in itself.

Ever had strawberry milk? It tastes like a trip to the dentist. A story can have a more powerful effect on someone if they are actively engaged in it as opposed to just listening passively. Try to structure opportunities for a woman to feel that she is contributing to the conversation. Stories about childhood experiences are generally good in Comfort. They can make you seem vulnerable without being weak, they give you an opportunity to laugh at yourself, and they create commonalities, as childhood is something you both have in common.

He was probably the only cat ever born without a sense of balance. I thought being able to balance on ledges and treetops was supposed to be part of the point of being a cat. But we lived. Anyway, when I was little, my first memories are of him walking along the edge of my crib and losing his balance and falling on me. It scared me to death. It probably only happened once or twice, but in my memories it felt like it was happening all the time.

In pre—school we all had to draw pictures of things we were afraid of. The other kids drew snakes and monsters. Those never bothered me, not even when my older cousins tried to tell me there were snakes under my floor. No sir. The easiest way to do this is to ask her questions about elements of your story that she might be able to relate to.

Many opportunities for input are set up as questions. The dialogue below contains an example of a pause where the listener should feel compelled to contribute.

I also make one of the opportunities for input into a hook line. This is often a good way of generating hook lines. But we lived on an island, so maybe we had mutants. Anyway, when I was little my first memories are of him walking along the edge of my crib and losing his balance and falling on me.

What were you afraid of when you were little? She responds — but this one will probably be really interesting and tell me a lot about her. Talking about her response should build comfort. I can either pursue the conversation in this direction or leave it as an open thread and come back to it later.

This story should have more of an impact on a woman than the first version, since she becomes invested, and she contributes to it. The opportunities for input are not difficult for her, which is important. But everyone knows what they were afraid of growing up and whether they had pets. By the way, did you notice the open threads: Notional input is where you ask her to confirm something that you assume to be true.

For example, if you were telling a story about your nephew, you might start with "My 8—year old nephew Samuel did the funniest thing this morning.

You like kids,. Conclusion A good story should end on a high note that brings the action to a conclusion. Here are some examples of good conclusions you can imagine the stories that lead into them:. In Comfort it might be a real lesson or insight. In Attraction it more likely should be something humorous.

Delivery A story can take any length of time, from as little as 30 seconds to as long as 30 minutes, or even longer in the right context. Make your story length fit the situation. In a loud nightclub, no one is going to listen to you for more than a minute or two right after meeting you, so keep your stories short. Learn to insert and remove material from your stories depending on the situation.

Or you can playfully say: You should be able to see, smell, feel, hear, and taste everything that you were sensing at that moment. In addition, having that background detail available to you makes the rest of your storytelling better.

The backstories are full of details that will never get into the book, but they endow the characters with much fuller and more interesting personalities. Take your new friends on a journey with you through the story.

Personalize your openers, stories, and routines to things that you are genuinely passionate about. Someone with excitement and enthusiasm in their eyes talking about a model train set that he built on the surface, not that fascinating to most women will get far better results than someone going through the motions of talking about his career as a movie producer. Insert pauses strategically in your stories. They create tension and anticipation. I think I know what it. He was probably the only cat ever born [pause] without a sense of balance.

Storytelling is a vitally important skill, not just in dating science but for any aspect of your life. Sinn and Future are both experts both have worked as stand-up comedians on the theory and practice of storytelling and humor, and we highly recommend their interview. Most Love Systems bootcamps include at least one storytelling exercise, where instructors like us help you take experiences from your life and turn them into attraction or comfort routines.

This book is a great tool, and we strongly doubt that a better routines manual will ever be created. There are other tools you will want to learn. It includes anything past kissing. Most of the time, these issues are emotional, not physical, and are dealt with in the chapter on Seduction in Magic Bullets. But what does this actually mean? Are her friends or other people associated with her around?

Social Logistics This only applies to her people. Your friends should be on your side and know what to do. This is why lots of guys come to Love Systems live training workshops with their friends, or end up finding quality wingmen there.

Few women normally want to hook up while their friends look on. How close are you to a place where sex could reasonably happen? Her place is okay too, but usually not as effective. Other factors come into play logistically — for example, how much time she has, whether she has to get up in the morning, etc.

You live 45 minutes away, and both drove separate cars to get there. You, my friend, are not going home with her tonight. In fact, as we will see, it was counter-productive to advance so far Emotionally and Physically when your Logistics were so unfavorable. Because the Logistical Progression Model has two separate variables Social and Location , it is a little bit more flexible than the stricter step-by-step Emotional and Physical systems.

In other words, you can do the two major steps in any order. You can get her alone first, and then take her home. Or you can take her home first and then her friends leave or get distracted for long enough. Or you can do both at once — e. Those are your basic plays, but there are also a bunch of intermediate steps available to you, depending on the situation.

The latter option is another reason why good wingmen are so valuable. In a club, for example, you can move a woman to the outdoor patio, to the bar to get a drink, to a quiet area to sit, to the dance floor, to another part of the club where they have different music, to look for your friends, etc.

In-venue moves can give you usually temporary privacy from her friends, but even if her friends come with you, these moves are helpful for building momentum toward bigger moves later. Ideally these should trend geographically toward home. For example, you might meet a woman at a restaurant, and then suggest grabbing a drink — at a place that is conveniently near where you live, building momentum for the big move to your place later on.

In general, the more attractive the woman and the bigger the city, the more risks you take by settling for a phone number. Only rely on the phone number when other paths forward are truly closed. When other guys get phone numbers, we get the girl. These location tools are especially effective when you use little moves to create momentum.

Because everyone is unique, some implications may be more important to your style than others. But here are a few important ones to get you started: 1. Always be moving toward the center. Taking the useless extra stuff out of your game should already improve your results. So - whenever you feel stuck — move toward the center. It will bore or frustrate most women. Lack of momentum can work against you through no fault of your own.

Momentum can also work for you. Each phase that you can smoothly pass through builds up your momentum for the next one. By the way, this is where the more advanced concepts of investment and social momentum otherwise outside the scope of this chapter come into play. Progress in sync.

There are shortcuts if you learn the relationships between specific points on the Triad. The three models are not isolated and separate. For example, the very act of moving up the first two steps on the Physical Progression Model will help you emotionally.

Study after study has shown that women are more apt to be sexually and romantically interested in men when there is appropriate touching as a subtext to their conversation.

This actually applies to nonromantic interactions as well. The more contexts in which she sees herself with you, the better she will feel she knows you. For example, a date that hits three places for an hour each is much better than a date that stays in one place for three hours.

When you approach a woman or a group of people, you have to evaluate what type of opener is best for the situation: indirect, direct, situational, screening, functional, no opener or humorous. All of them have pros and cons. Direct openers work less often, but when they do, your value starts off high because the woman has accepted your initial frame. The Love Systems model is a step-by-step approach.

Take it one step at a time. Remember that approaching is really not that big of a deal. People talk to strangers all the time, and you should never feel guilt or shame about wanting to talk to a new woman.

If you find yourself freezing with approach anxiety, this is usually because you fear rejection. The more you are rejected, the less it will affect you and the better your approach skills will become. One of the best ways to reduce approach anxiety and the chance of rejection is to put yourself in a social mood by doing warm ups.

Pre-selection plays on the fact that women are attracted to men who are attractive to other women. Role-plays conjure up a fun imaginary situation and project you and the woman into it. Tap her on the shoulder and point to your friend. I was going to pass you a note, but I figured it would be good practice for him to talk to you.

Keep them short in clubs. So, are you guys having fun? If she said ten, she becomes a twelve. Have fun with it and they will too. This one is all about the energy level.

When you bring energy to the interaction, it works amazingly well. This is a great club opener. Delivered in a deadpan, smart-ass tone, it usually gets a laugh for the absurdity. Not sure if you got the memo. There are people trying to relax and study and stuff. Have an item in hand or just be staring into a shop window at some products. What do you think? Can you give me an opinion on something?

I mean about you and me! Look how fucking hot we are! We should have a few little ones and sell them to Brad and Angelina You guys are so much fun to hang out with. A guy would have to be crazy to even try to approach you guys. You must avoid this at all costs. Use the following to get out of it. I like you guys and I would hate to see him beat you up. I will help you get guys to come over and run through your gauntlet. I love watching you humiliate them.

The Routines Manual Vol. 2

Be very sexually flirtatious in your demonstration and send her on her mission. Continue working the group and being the life of the party until you can isolate the girl you are interested in. It shocks them into reacting and can create a playful vibe from the start.

Kisser, Love Systems Instructor 37 Indirect openers use a pretext to approach: you are interested in an answer to a question or you noticed something and are commenting on it. A positive, genuine-sounding delivery helps ensure a positive response.

This is particularly good for especially hot women who have a large social circle that makes them less accessible, or women who have blown off several guys before you. Are you having fun? Move onto something else and keep the positive momentum rolling. You will be in good shape right out of the gate. Cleopatra over here Simply asking a question is fine but sometimes they can fall flat if they come across too heavy, literal and serious. This is a good example of a casual opener that has a better chance of flowing into further conversation.

A small joke is built in, showing that you have a sense of humor which makes them more apt to want to continue the conversation. Humor is always attractive.

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I have three friends in long-distance relationships right now. Sorry to rain on the parade. It has some shock value to it, but most women laugh and have a completely 40 down-to-earth reaction. My buddy Mike was coming to meet me here tonight and his girlfriend was digging around on his computer and found a folder with porn in it and completely flipped out.

Humor is built in and delivered with an awareness of the funny side of the situation. Any ideas? Assume your topic is interesting and that the women will care even if it is inconsequential. But then my friend said he could go longer, so I had to take him on. Some women will love you right away just for asking this, some women will be disgusted.

Try to adjust your performance based on the reactions and make it work. Do you think retards are funny? And he totally said the most retarded thing!

Or you can disqualify by disagreeing with whomever they name, and then say you think they look like someone else. You can even mention someone less attractive or less famous than the person she named. You could then tell a story of something crazy that happened to you as a result of someone mistaking you for that person. I think they must be obsessed with Nicolas Cage over there or something.

One night, I had just gotten off stage in Russell Square and I was walking with my girlfriend to the local pub, when some drunk girl thought I was Nicolas Cage. I told her no, but she insisted that I was him and asked me for his autograph. The energy dissipates. Out of nowhere, she loses interest. What just happened? You failed to transition out of your opener into something else interesting.

Women need their emotional states pumped through a range of emotions at all times, but particularly when you first meet them. This notice and any attachments we receive will be forwarded to the alleged infringer, who will then have the opportunity to file a counter notification pursuant to Sections g 2 and 3 of the DMCA.

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Thank you for notifying us. The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Love Systems Routines Manual:Women generally like attention. Then use the tools below to see how you can take each thing from your list and playfully twist it into a role-play, joke, exaggeration, or misinterpretation. Being aroused by you without awkwardness or embarrassment Seduction.

Apparently some Chinese guru showed this to her when she was studying in China, and now you too know the ancient secret of the palm pressure points. Eye Angle Transition This routine works on the theory that eyes that are slanted downwards come across as caring and empathetic, whereas eyes slanted upwards convey a more sincere but fierce impression. We cover other reasons why these emotions, in this order, are the crucial ones in Chapters 4—10 of Magic Bullets, the ground- breaking book on the subject of dating and seduction for men.

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