DOWNLOAD EPUB The Museum of Innocence (Vintage International). Read more · The Age of Innocence · Read more · The Taste Of Innocence. Read more. The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk PDF, ePub eBook D0wnl0ad. Orhan Pamuk - The Museum of Innocence From reader reviews. The culmination of decades of omnivorous collecting, Orhan Pamuks Museum of Innocence in Istanbul uses his novel of lost love, The Museum of Innocence.

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With this book, he literally puts love in our hands.

Deeply and compellingly explores the interplay between erotic obsession and sentimentality. There is a master at work in this book.

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Istanbul—its sounds, its smells, its history—permeates everything. A classic, spacious love story. Engrossing and sensual. Granular and panoramic, satirical and yet grounded in reality.

Expand text… Now Alex has a choice: fix his public image through community service or ride the bench. But Alex refuses to be molded into the Carolina Cold Fury poster boy.

As a social worker, Sutton Price is accustomed to difficult people--like Alex, who's been assigned to help her create a drug-abuse awareness program for at-risk youth as part of the team's effort to clean up his image.

What she doesn't expect is the arrogant smirk from his perfect lips to stir her most heated fantasies. But Sutton isn't one to cross professional boundaries--and besides, Alex doesn't do relationships.

The more she sees behind Alex's bad-boy facade, the more Sutton craves the man she uncovers. Olivia has been keeping a secret. They are themed after the epoch and events of the book, but each is an imaginative variation on a theme.

Those who get to the eighty-third chapter of the book are rewarded with a ticket, printed on the page, and redeemable at the Museum.

A reduced version of the Museum, a mere 13 cabinets of claustrophobia, has set up at Somerset House, co-curated by Pamuk and Shona Marshall as part of the In Istanbul season.

These, we presume, were too precious for Orhan Pamuk—sorry, I meant Kemal Bey—to let out of his grip. Pamuk has, though, created annotations for each of the vitrines, voiced by characters from the novel. Oscar Wilde said that both the highest and the lowest criticism is autobiography.

In the dark room of the installation I was overcome with nostalgia for people that never existed, in a city that I do not know. But then, I liked the novel.


I cannot say whether someone who had not read it, or who did not like it, would have derived such pleasure from what might otherwise appear to be carefully curated rubbish, the gleanings of a quaint pervert.This is accurate, but far too literal. Pamuk built The Museum of Innocence in the house in which his hero's fictional family lived, to display Kemal's strange collection of objects associated with Fusun and their relationship.

In its sensuousness of the life observed, its Olympian insight into the clashes of classes and professions, and its fearlessness in tackling the great themes of human existence without dilution by showiness, tricks, or superficiality, it evokes the great novels of love and obsession by Balzac, Stendhal, Flaubert, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Mann.

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