The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage and its ideas have been incorporated within the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and later within the. The Book of Abramelin tells the story of an Egyptian mage named Abraham or Abra-Melin, who . In , The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage was translated into English by the British occultist Samuel L. MacGregor Mathers. Around the turn of the century, when Aleister Crowley was working out his system of Magick, the source that he turned to for basics was the system of Abramelin.

The Book Of The Sacred Magic Of Abramelin The Mage

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The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin, The Mage — As Delivered By Abraham The Jew Unto His Son Lamech — As A Grimoire of The 15th Century book. Among the latter is this Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin, as delivered . Mage Abra-Melin; and claims to have himself personally and actually wrought. This text has had a huge influence on modern ceremonial magic, and has been cited as a primary influence on Aleister Crowley. Abraham of Würzburg, a.

I know of no other existing copy or replica of this Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin, not even in the British Museum, whose enormous collection of Occult Manuscripts I have very thoroughly studied. Neither have I ever heard by traditional report of the existence of any other copy.

The First Book contains advice concerning Magic, and a description of Abraham's Travels and experiences, as well as a mention of the many marvellous works he had been able to accomplish by means of this system of Sacred Magic. The work may then be thus roughly classified. This system of Sacred Magic Abraham acknowledges to have received from the Mage Abra-Melin; and claims to have himself personally and actually wrought most of the wonderful effects described in the Third Book, and many others besides.

Who then was this Abraham the Jew? It is possible, though there is no mention of this in the MS.

From his own account, the author of the present work appears to have been born in. That is to say, that he was the contemporary both of Nicholas Flamel and Pernelle, and also of the mystical Christian Rosenkreutz, the founder of the celebrated Rosicrucian Order or Fraternity in Europe.

Like the latter, he appears to have been very early seized with the desire of obtaining Magical Knowledge; like him and Flamel, he left his home and travelled in search of the Initiated Wisdom; like them both, he returned to become a worker of wonders.

Read what eminent modern magician and historian Francis King had to say in his monumental Magic in The Western Tradition: The Sacred Magic of Abra Melin expresses its doctrine, and the technique which depends from it, more clearly, and more consistently, than any other grimoire.

The machinery of the cosmos is seen as operated by demons under the direction of angels; man is seen as standing between the angelic and the demonic - each human being having attached to his or her soul a malevolent demon and a 'Holy Guardian Angel The object of the processes taught in The Sacred Magic was the obtaining of 'the Knowledge and Conversation' of this Holy Guardian Angel - once this had been done the magician could control the demons who run the universe, raise the dead, heal the sick, find great treasures and even fly [ astrally ].

Abra-Melin's rituals differ markedly from those of other grimoires for example, the Key of Solomon or Sword of Moses, with their solemn invocation of demons; all performed from within a magic circle; by comparison, Abra-Melin is quiet and almost mystical in tone, and the invocations sound like prayers.

No magic circle or pentacle is required merely a 'holy place, such as an altar constructed in a wood. The magician must 'inflame himself with prayer". If he is successful his Holy Guardian Angel will manifest himself, and he will instruct the magician in good and evil spirits.

And he seems to have obtained almost immediate results. There is no need to disbelieve him when he says 'during this time, magical phenomena were of constant occurrence" He locked the temple door before leaving for dinner with Jones; when he came back, it was open, and the furniture had been disarranged and symbols flung on the floor It was obvious that London was no place to carry out the full ritual prescribed by Abra-Melin the Mage He searched throughout most of , and finally found what he wanted on the southern shore of Loch Ness, near Foyers; it was called Boleskine House, Crowley began preparing the magical squares he would need for the Abra-Melin ritual.

The immediate result was a strange shadow that made it necessary to use artificial light even on the brightest day. After that, the house 'became peopled with shadowy shapes', and a friend who had come to stay with him was suddenly seized with panic, and left without saying goodbye. Still [Crowley] persisted with his invocations, and practised kabbalistic techniques of astral travel, seeing visions of fire angels, earth spirits and other elementals.

In he completed the Cairo Working, 'The operation out of which came The Book of The Law' Thus The most recent world-religion of Thelema and the entire direction of Crowley's magical system was a direct result of his employment of the magic of Abra Melin.

That Angel wrote on the lamen the Word of the Aeon.

The Book of the Law is this writing. All this must not, of course, be taken too literally. Those modem magicians, notably S. Guardian Angel' must not be taken as an entity in its own right but as the deepest layer of the unconscious, the ultimate ego which is most truly 'I' and yet, paradoxically enough, partakes of the nature of the Divine.

Abramelin the Mage – the Sacred Magic of

Following this there are seven days of supernatural phenomena, notably the appearance of the Angel to the magician in order to teach him the art of controlling spirits, both good and evil. Only when this has been done can the magician safely use the 'Abra-Melin talismans', lettered squares supposedly capable of producing great wonders. Such spectacular stories must tend to give the impression that The Sacred Magic is a somewhat sensational occult system.

Nothing could be further from the truth; in its entirety the system verges on quietism - Abra-Melin is far from the flamboyance associated with many of the grimoires and approaches more nearly the calm intellectualism of some of the scholar magicians of the Renaissance.

You can be 'holding it in your hands' in minutes. Contains Three ancient books concerning the magical pilgrimage of an initiate and a discovered method of using sacred talismanic squares to produce magical results. Contains a complete regime of purification and preparation to make contact with The Holy Guardian Angel and gain control over personal daemons.

Highly respected by all genuine occultists - particularly Crowley who noted that his massively influential Liber Al was a direct result of him doing the Abra Melin workings. MacGregor Mathers. Charles Fort. Montague Summers. Lewis Spence. Francesco Maria Guazzo. Paul Carus. Reginald Scot.

Professor Montague Summers. Eliphas Levi. Emile Grillot de Givry.

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Popular Features. New Releases. Description Around the turn of the century, when Aleister Crowley was working out his system of Magick, the source that he turned to for basics was the system of Abramelin of Egypt.

From Abramelin he took his concepts of protections, purifications, evocations, vestments, and dromena down to specific details. This quest is in itself as fascinating as the similar tours of Gurdjieff. So I read one of the classics and believe me I am no further along the magic path then I was before. I found the language dry boring and overly scholarly like written in a form of English that the modern reader would find it hard to comprehend.

The instructions are somewhat confusing as to how to perform the magical actions. For someone like me reading a Wicca book would be more beneficial.

The book itself is compos Abrmelin the Mage They said read the classics if you want to learn real magic. The book itself is composed of three books. The first book tells of how Abraham the Jew travel from Europe to the Middle East in order to find the right maniacal technique to contact and have conversation with your Holy Guardian angel.

The total work takes about three months before you are purified. The author must have had a crystal ball because he tells the reader to make sure he can perform his undertaking.

Most people do not have the time to isolate three selves from the world for six months and most cannot build an oratory or an alter to the specification on their property. The next two books tell how to interact with demons and angels. The magical actions rely on the order of angels and demons and working with magical squares. Many of these instruction were either vague on what to do and rather wordy.

This book is great to read for historical reference. Magic of this type is too complicated for modern people to carry out, unless they belong to a lodge or have a tutor. A couple things I liked about the book is that it extolled the virtues of righteous living and not exploiting magic for evil ends.

Abraham we also said that he met many magical performers who were practicing baseless superstition on or being enslaved by evil spiritual.

Forces while thinking they were on top of it all. Some of the arguments sill hold true today. May 18, Signor Mambrino rated it it was ok.

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

The narrative of the first book reads like a novella, and the unique bad-angels-working-for-good-angels-working-for-the-magician-working-for-God concept makes the magical instruction fairly interesting too. Dec 13, Joshua rated it it was amazing. This book is essential reading for the occult student.

While the ritual is cumbersome and practically impossible for the modern adept, the methods and the discussion of the book are a major part of the western occult tradition. For instance, many forms of magick discuss the discussions with the holy guardian angel, which the framework of is from this book. I learned a great deal about the occult sciences and Jewish mysticism reading this book--and if you're interested in increasing your knowledg This book is essential reading for the occult student.

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I learned a great deal about the occult sciences and Jewish mysticism reading this book--and if you're interested in increasing your knowledge of either, you should check it out.

This book is pretty fucking cool; It's very puzzling - most of it, I'm not exactly sure how it works but it's very cool nonetheless.

The old style font and type-face are dope, lots of victorian style scrolls and borders and things. Jul 22, Jure rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Must-have for Thelemites.

A friendly heads up, the second edition English offer some essential new material. Well worth the price of a second ticket. Nov 02, Adam rated it it was ok. View 1 comment.

Jan 13, Ken Nunyerbeez rated it it was amazing Shelves: Regardless of which "version" of it you read, it traces back to the same manuscripts. Regardless of what you think of this warning: Macgregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley went Regardless of which "version" of it you read, it traces back to the same manuscripts. Macgregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley went to great lengths to spam about its efficacy and importance in Theury and Inner Alchemy.

The Book of Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

That being said, Liber Samekh on its own makes for a better shortcut belated "Another Opinion Warning" Nov 17, Lodane rated it it was ok. The Star Review is the total of what I have to say about this book, specifically. This was the readily available faith in my household as a child. Additionally, I worked for a company in this field, , and had to read an ocean of this stuff to do my job. Jul 15, Kadesh Vega rated it liked it.

The infamous Abramelin It's interesting for its historical stance, It was quite a long read and for some reason I have the name Lamech now stuck in my head Aug 22, Nabil rated it liked it Shelves: This was interesting, but I think I'm way too lazy to become a Magician, and I just don't want to go into isolation for six moons.

Having to give up six moons after Easter would also mean I wouldn't be able to work, but apparently I would be able to get Spirits to bring me silver and gold, so I wouldn't need another job.

It's really nice to have a version of the Abramelin texts which are as complete as humanly possible, drawing upon all known manuscripts instead of just the single French one which Mathers used for his famous translation.The approach to working with what are typically views as Dukes, Kings, and servitors of the daemonic hierarchy is far from the notion of them being inherently evil -- an approach that is rare within works of a Judaeo-Christian context.

Books by Abraham von Worms. Abramelin, whose system is based mostly on Hellenistic theurgy of the Iamblichan sort, but with Jewish increments from the Cabala, explains the qualifications needed to become a magician, purifications, and asceticisms to be practiced month by month, studies and activities permitted during this period, selection of place and time for working magic, equipment needed, prayers and formulas, evocation of good and evil spirits, commanding spirits to do one's will, overcoming rebellious spirits, and similar material.

The book of the sacred magic of Abra-Melin the mage

And seeing that Truth hath no need of enlightenment and of exposition, she being simple and right; be thou only obedient unto all that I shall say unto thee, contenting thyself with the simplicity thereof, be thou good and upright, and thou shah acquire more wealth than I could know how to promise unto thee.

Now, he expressly states that he has instructed his eldest son, Joseph, herein as being his right by primogeniture, even as he himself had received somewhat of Qabalistic instruction from his father, Simon. I know of no other existing copy or replica of this Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin, not even in the British Museum, whose enormous collection of Occult Manuscripts I have very thoroughly studied. But if we should call only one, nevertheless there must be made four pentagons, wherein the name of the Spirit or Spirits with their characters are to be written.

Cyberbooks before then you are in for a wonderful surprise because unlike regular ebooks which have hardly any formatting or illustrations and are often difficult to read and understand , S. Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.

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