VB Interview Question and Answer. Interview questions and Answers for Vb 6 controls, syntax, language, object, class, database access, activex, api, com. Visual Basic Interview Questions And Answers in leccetelira.gq for more Visual Basic Interview Questions And Answers to download in pdf format. vb question paper solved - Download as Word Doc .doc) or read online. store the two digits 1,0 for True and False. . Visual Basic Notes short and Answers DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Questions and leccetelira.gq Latest leccetelira.gq Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers Download Free PDF .

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Visual Basic (VB) Interview Preparation Guide. Download PDF. Add New Question. Visual Basic Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that Visual. + Visual Basics Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How do you register What Are Different Types Of Activex Components Available In Vb ?. And Answers PDF Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions and Answers PDF. contains free download of Visual Basic Interview Questions and Answers in pdf leccetelira.gq can 0 and sql server complete interview question and answer.

It will give a warning saying that formatting will be lost. Reverse the links of access database table and it will work. How do we access crystal reports in. Crystal reports comes with Visual studio setup itself. What are the various components in crystal reports? There are four major components in crystal reports Report designer, Reports engine, Report viewer and object models.

Report designer gives a graphical interface to create and modify reports. Reports engine does the formatting and conversion part of crystal reports. Report viewers are controls which you can see on the visual studio tool box; you can drag and drop those controls on an ASPX page or windows application to view reports made using crystal.

Object models help us manage crystal reports objects during design time and run time. What basic steps are needed to display a simple report in crystal? To understand this sample let display a simple report using crystal. Step Create a web application project.

Step Add new item and select crystal report from the template. This adds a new RPT file in your solution explorer. Now you can drag and drop the fields on the report. So expand the crystal reports section of the toolbar and drag the component on the ASPX page Step Now we need to go to code behind and specify the report source.

Can crystal reports be published as a web service?

vb question paper solved

We can consume the web service as a normal web service in. How do we add formulas using crystal reports? To add any formula in crystal report is a three step procedure. Step 1 a Go to field explorer and right click and click new formula. Step 3 a You will be presented with UI which has all the formulas and function. How do we pass parameters to crystal reports? However, my software development experiences prior to ArtinSoft extend further back than a decade and are quite relevant to the topic at hand.

Have I been in this position? Yes, absolutely and on many occasions. Very seldom have I seen a company approach this hurdle proactively. And in more than one instance, some have even got themselves in a position where only a complete rewrite will save them. How do you sell it to your customers?

I would be honest with your customers… you want to continue to offer a superior product and be able respond quickly to their needs as the product evolves. The current Visual Basic 6. NET developers that will tolerate Visual Basic 6.

And even if you do, that talent is going to get more and more expensive as the talent pool diminishes and job satisfaction dwindles. Your customers use other applications in the normal course of their lives, and eventually they are going to notice that your application is growing old and outdated and no longer meets the same expectations of that other day-to-day does. How do you sell this to your boss? And you might want to find business and technical leaders within your company to help champion the effort and to help figure out the most appropriate way to sell this in your organization.

If yours is the first one to make the great stride forward to. NET, then great. Is it something that might prevent a customer from renewing their maintenance agreement — assuming you bring in revenue in that way? If you do, then what would be a better way to prove the value of a maintenance agreement than to upgrade the application? At this point,. NET talent is very affordable and available. And Im guessing that you may have noticed that there is less and less code samples available online in Visual Basic 6.

There are less people responding to the Visual Basic 6.

Advanced VBA Interview Questions and Answers

There are less support for Visual Basic 6. Visual Studio for. NET is a vast improvement over the Visual Basic 6. And the. NET language and native libraries may just render some of the third-party components in your application unnecessary. Bug fixing and performance improvements The tools for performance profiling in.

NET are breath taking compared to what was previously available with Visual Basic 6.

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Managed code is simply easier for people to work with. Debugging in Visual Studio for. NET is amazingly efficient. And sure, lots of improvements with connectivity, exception handling and memory management to mention only a few.

Creates new value. When all is said and done, do you think that having a.

NET application versus a Visual Basic 6. If accounted for correctly, all of the development costs could be amortized over time as a capital investment.

Roadmap Getting to. In fact, have you considered such a move? The business cases for that can be mind-blowing.

100+ VBA Interview Questions and Answers with Examples

Except for small applications, I would strongly recommend against a rewrite. But the objective which can often times get lost in such a migration is just that… to migrate. Refactor and changes in the architecture can always happen later.

Those hurdles are far smaller and should really be avoided to minimize risk.

As user RS Conley states in another answer, If it is critically important to preserve the behavior your application or if it is mission critical then conversion is the only path. Weve heard about lots of failed rewrite attempts; some of them came to us as customers after deciding to go for a rewrite first.

Their type is not required.

What are the different ways to Declare and Instantiate an object in Visual Basic 6? The cursor types are listed from least to most resource intensive. Forward Only Fastest, can only move forward in recordset Static Can move to any record in the recordset. Data is static and never changes. KeySet Changes are detectable, records that are deleted by other users are unavailable, and records created by other users are not detectedDynamic? All changes are visible.

Name the four different locking type in ADO and describe them briefly. LockPessimistic Locks the row once after any edits occur. LockOptimistic Locks the row only when Update is called.

LockReadOnly Read only. Can not alter the data. This allows MTS to reuse database connections. Database connections are put to sleep as opposed to being created and destroyed and are activated upon request.We can create our own formulas in reports. It is basically an alternative to an array. CInt Basically, I have been using both Integer. This class derives from the abstract class Stream. If no records are found then nothing will be printed on the report.

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